Board of Directors and Staff

Gabriola Arts Council Board of Directors

The Directors of the Gabriola Arts Council form a hard-working and committed volunteer Board that directs and guides the staff, volunteers and committees. We are always interested to hear from members who have new ideas or who would like to volunteer to help with events or fundraising. Contact us!

Jim Wilson-Storey | President | jim <at>
Jim has lived on Gabriola Island for almost eighteen years. When he retired, following a career as a management consultant, he began enthusiastically reinventing himself through his creative writing and volunteering. Jim has been the creative force behind the Gabriola Theatre Festival, having nurtured the successful event through its sixth year in 2014.
Board member since September 2008

Charlie Cheffins | Vice President | charlie <at>
Charlie retired from a career in broadcasting in 2007 and this year officially became a senior citizen. Resisting the impulse to spend his dotage drinking tea and watching Coronation Street in his carpet slippers he spends as much time as possible riding his bike. Charlie also serves on the board of Gabriola Players.
Board member since October 2015

Robyn McMahon | Treasurer | robyn <at>
Robyn was raised on Gabriola Island and returned in 2004 after some city-living. Currently juggling a career in real estate and raising two children, she also finds time for the garden and creating one-of-a-kind pieces of fabric art—a ruffly dress, cozy blanket, or costume for the children’s dance troupe. Robyn is passionate about keeping Gabriola an awesome place to live. She finds number-crunching, bill-paying and budget-making extremely satisfying.
Board member since March 2013

Julie Sperber | Secretary | julie <at>
In 2007, when Julie (6 months pregnant) and her husband moved to Gabriola, it felt like she had arrived home. She holds a diploma from Kootenay School of the Arts; since graduating in 2004, she has had a working studio/gallery and taught classes. Currently her focus is her young family, their island business, and community involvement. She is a natural people person who loves to help create opportunity and connect island residents with common interests and needs.
Board member since October 2015

Margy Gilmour | Director | margy <at>
Margy is a TV story producer and researcher working in the areas of documentary and factual entertainment. She has been a photographer for as long as she can remember, and is now trying her hand at silversmithing. Margy previously served as a Director with GAC.
Board member since October 2014

Mary Holdgrafer | Director | mary <at>
Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer is textile artist and creativity coach. She uses her mixed media textile work to question, explore and explain topics of interest. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is held in public and private collections. She is a member of the Haven Foundation Board of Directors.
Board member since September 2015

Tina Jones | Director | tina <at>
Tina Jones is a committed parent, community member and musical artist. Whether touring North America fronting various ensembles, to solo and duo performances at festivals and concert venues, Tina’s dynamic performances captivate live audiences of all ages. Her main musical engagements are with three-time JUNO Award nominated children’s music group The Kerplunks and multi award-winning bluesman David Gogo. When not on the road, Tina can be found blowing her horn and performing at local venues, or hanging out with her wife, daughter, and dog.
Board member since September 2013

Jeff Molloy | Director | jeff <at>
Jeff is an award-winning multi-media visual artist whose work focuses on cultural history—clothing, architecture, ethnicity, spirituality, politics and social ritual are at the core of his practice. Jeff has worked as a curator and mentor for upcoming artists, and has collaborated with numerous artists. Jeff brings an artist’s perspective to the GAC Board, and heads up promotional activities for the Gabriola Theatre Festival, and co-manages the Public Art Project.
Board member since October 2010

Barbara Russell | Director | barb <at>
Barb worked in Theatre in Toronto for over 35 years, from Box Office and Front of House Management to Wardrobe and Company Management. Since “retiring” to Gabriola she works part-time at The Village Food Market, plays cello with The Gabriola Chamber Ensemble, and volunteers with the Gabriola Theatre Festival and Gabriola Players.
Board member since October 2015


Michelle Benjamin | Executive Director | michelle <at>
Michelle worked in book publishing for twenty years, including ten years owning and operating a small literary press. She is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the Gabriola community, not only through her work with the Arts Council but also through collaborating with and supporting the programs and services of other community-based organizations.

Alina Cerminara | Events Manager | alina <at>
Alina has worked in the arts for the past nine years. She graduated with a degree in Creative Writing and Theatre from the University of Victoria and a Masters in Publishing from SFU. The following year, she was hired by the Gabriola Arts Council to helm the Gabriola Theatre Festival, and she hasn’t looked back, now organizing all of the GAC’s year-round events (and more!). Alina is a proud vegan member of Gabriola’s Vegeteers, a buy-local advocate, a Gabriola Chamber of Commerce Board Director, and the owner of Little Grawnola, a fledgeling raw organic food operation.