carol weaver

Weaver is a multi-faceted artist and musician all her life working in the shamanic-reiki healing arts as lover of our blessed earth mother... she is a sacred drum-maker, teaches drum-birthing and shamanic healing... she is also a musician - singer-songwriter as vocalist, drummer/percussionist/guitar/dulcitar player including a visual artist, graphic designer and poet...

"I just love the way weaver holds space and conducts ceremony. She is so casual without all the theatrical BS you find elsewhere. She stands fully in her power, in complete integrity, and she is so humble about it. I always feel heard, seen, and supported." -- Uli S., Delta, BC

"Carol has done several projects for the Coalition (BCCPD) and we have been delighted with each one. She is an extraordinarily talented artist and has a gift for translating concepts and slogans into vivid and creative images. I highly recommend her services." -- Margaret Birrell, ED, BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, Vancouver, BC

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