Creative Directory: A Collection of Gabriola Artists

12" dia. Summer Flowers

Carmel Sheridan


Tina Lynch

Adamson--Driftwood Landscape 4

Jill Adamson

We are Born withthe Songs Inside Us

Katherine Palmer Gordon


Peter Joyes

Spinner Rings

Kathy Brandon

Chain Reaction

Elias Wakan

silver Fleur earring

Wendy Stok, Thistle Handmade

Houle Howard 2 - Tour 2014

Earth Fire & Tears Pottery — Howard Houle


Keith Poulton

RiverHeart - SCULPTURE-15

Michele Fire-River Heart

Elliott - Dorothy-tee-shirt-photo

Tobi Elliott

Fused glass soap dish

Windy Tree Garden Studio

Axiom 30" X 24" Oil on canvas

Mindy Joseph


Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer

BergeniaOils on Board, 8 in. X 8 in.

Gretchen Markle

Naomi Beth Wakan,Poet Laureate of Nanaimo (Cr. E. Wakan)

Naomi Beth Wakan


Victor Anthony

Trudy Broadley

Nightingale Kimm - Tour 2014

Kimm Nightingale and Joké Mensink

Anderson Lottie - Tour 2014

Lottie Anderson

Mer: Encaustic painting on all sides of this ethereal art piece

Nerissa MerMade Layton

Studio entrance

Bob Brinton

Clark Bay, Gabriola

Nicholas Halpin

Dog Slobber

Judith Madsen

Chelsea Noyon


Jim Henigman


Brendalee Astells

Vessel of light

Tawny Maclachlan Capon

Round Mirror

Marcelle Glock, Mad Mudslinger

Jackel Deggan Anita - Tour 2014

Anita Jackel-Deggan, Indian Summer Leather Design

Rocks on the Shore

David Coe


Karen Curry

"Gaia, The River of Life"BC marble

Zulis Yalte

"power to the poodle" acrylic on canvas, 12x12" $250

Sheila Norgate

Fallen Maple Leaves

John Poirier

Blue is What Made Me Beautiful, Oil on Canvas 28" x 22"

Ranza Clark

Halibut Bear

Pam Tempelmayr

Indian Summer purse

Indian Summer Leather Design

Margy Gilmour

Bletcher Christine 2 - Tour 2014

Christine Bletcher

Birch Lane 11x14 (original sold, 8x10 prints on cavas available)

Janet Marks

Once upon a Time: oil on canvas 48 x 36

Antoinette Herivel

Lynch R -Crow.-Gabriola

Randi Lynch

Godfrey - P1120572

Lindsay Stocking Godfrey


carol weaver

Molloy2 BusherJackson

Jeff Molloy


Barbara Ebbeson


Siki McIvor

Laura Handford

Assorted Hand Screenprinted Wares

Catherine Hallam


Nancy Spiewak

Cat Shadow

Sian Lorraine

Nimmon - Coates-Marsh

Terry Nimmon

Olsen Joy 2 - Tour 2014

Joy Olsen


Liz McKnight

Are We There Yetinstallation

Deborah Dallyn

Embroidered Cancer Comic

Sima Elizabeth Shefrin

Joëlle's favourite place:  with her cat and a book.

Joëlle Anthony

Orca Window, fused glass and steel. Custom design, 2'x6'

Tammy Hudgeon


Karen Cain

Doug 1

Doug Harrison


Kathy McIntyre


Graham Sheehan — Sunstone Pottery

Ask24 x 48 acrylic on canvas

Alice Rich

Havard - Forest-Tapestry

Anne Havard


Yvonne Noyon

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.19.05 AM

Mary Jane Jessen

McMahon Robyn cropped

Robyn McMahon

Horse Race

Chris Straw


Jane Ferland

Kate Wood

Southwest – acrylic on canvas

Carolyn Bell


Trish Moon

Jean's Poppies

Maureen Karagianis


Paige Coull

"Crows in the  Wind"

Lesley Comassar

Nina marrakesh_e_II

Nina Turczyn


Julie Sperber

Intertidal - Vancouver Island Marble on carved wood base

Stephen Cole

Twilight Radio Theatre

Twilight Radio Theatre

Johnson - 8

Ted Johnson

"Twist of Fate" - basket

Marylyn Beaubien

Standing in Her Truth

Gera Benoit

Tail I

Ocean Mussack

Amy Hollings

Taxicat Scratch Art—10 X 7.5 inch

Alois Verlinden

Wonders of the Earth 36x60

Gwen Spinks

Paul Grignon

Plume, 2012. Hand embroideryon canvas, 24"x30"

Heather Cameron

Handmade Art Dolls

Jennifer Lynch

Marg playing(courtesy Wes Sutton)

Marg Sutton


Michael Auger


Derrill Shuttleworth

Off to School II

Melinda Wilde

Stefanson 6

Cymbal Wear: Gerry & Lynn Stefanson


Hilary Peach

The Sands of Time, Winner of a second place prize for Graphic Design / Illustration in Adobe's Dreamteam Contest

Thomas Lowe


Laurie MacBride

Rainbow Bowl

D’dance Glass–Dirk Huysman & Mary Ann Richards

Screened Crow Ware

Illuminati Glassworks: Jim Heeks and Dan Bergeron


Sheila Haniszewska


Elsa Bluethner

Strutting Pigeon

Nola Johnston


Karen Aaker


Semih Fisekci


Irene Allison

"Pentacles" tie dye tapestry

Tied Up and Dyed: Scott Shane

Any Questions?

Dianna Bonder

Lorna Potts (Kokorudz)

Phyllis Dunning 2015

Phyllis Dunning