2017 Gabriola Museum Exhibit: The Arts!

The Gabriola Arts Council is partnering with the Gabriola Musuem to bring to you the 2017 museum exhibit: the history of art on Gabriola Island! What better time to celebrate the arts than on GAC’s 20th anniversary! To put together a splendid exhibit, we need items from artists, community members, and more, who might have something that would be a great fit for this. All items are on loan and will be returned. We’re looking for the following (and more!):

Artwork: Works created on Gabriola either a long time ago or show Gabriola a long time ago.

Photos: Past and present artists, studio tours, theatre festival, gabriola players, poetry club, musicians.

Items for exhibit: Old potter’s wheel, easel, paint brushes, vintage painting items, anything you may have that you think would be great for an art exhibit.

If you have any questions, ideas, or any of these items, please contact Lisa at lisarey2010@gmail.com.

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