2020 Arty Award Nominations are Open!

The ARTY AWARD is presented each year to a living person or arts-focussed group that has made a significant contribution in the previous year to the arts on Gabriola Island. Previous winners include artists, performers, administrators, and volunteers. All have done their part to build or support the creative vibe on Gabriola Island.

If you would like to nominate a worthy recipient, please submit the information below. The GAC board receives and reviews all nominations, and will make the final decision during the Isle of the Arts Festival. You can nominate more than one person, but please use a separate form for each nomination.

* NOTE: Current GAC Directors and Staff are NOT eligible to receive the ARTY Award.

Above photo: 2018 Arty Award winners, the Gabriola Players

2020 ARTY Award Nomination Form

Nominate a person, collective, or group that has made an outstanding contribution to the arts on Gabriola Island in 2019.
  • Enter the full name of the person or group that you think is deserving of the coveted ARTY Award. Remember—this cannot be a current GAC Director or staff person.
  • Please provide their phone number, if you know it.
  • Please provide their email address, if you know it.
  • Please tell us why you think this person or group should receive the 2019 ARTY Award. Tell us how have they made a contribution to the arts on Gabriola Island, and specifically last year (in 2019). Provide as much detail as you like.
    Once you click the "submit" button, your nomination has been sent. Thank you for your contribution to the process and for caring about the arts in our community.

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