Alice Rich

Alice Rich is a contemporary West Coast artist whose semi-abstract paintings capture the colour and energy of the landscape. In her current series, "Impressions of Place" and "Segmented Visions," she explores themes of place, connection, and the relationship between humans and their natural environment.

"To me, the act of painting is a means of transcribing the intangible elements of place—our spiritual, emotional, and cultural connection to the landscape—through the language of form and colour. The suggestion of earth, sea, and sky in these paintings is neither literal nor specific. Rather, each work is borne of an internal place of memory, experience, and imagination. Their purpose is not to simply record the surface details of our world, but rather to capture the beauty and meaning of our connection to it; emotions and memories evoked in the fleeting effects of light reflecting off the ocean’s surface, or the grey mists settling upon coastal islands, partially obscuring them from view. The resulting impressions of place invite the viewer to connect with the paintings through their own associations and experiences. The paintings encourage a contemplation that transcends mere seeing, attempting to convey a more subtle, emotional understanding of one’s surroundings."

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Alice Rich Studio & Gallery
1875 Stalker Road, Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X7
Open by appointment all year (please call first)

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