Rite of Passage

Have you been following the activity in the woods behind the WI Hall, along the Women’s Institute Trail?

Artist Deborah Dallyn has been awarded the first Public Art Commission for a work to be placed in the Sculpture Garden in the woods behind the WI Hall.

Deborah Dallyn is an internationally renowned multimedia artist whose installations have been seen across Europe and B.C., and whose work has been exhibited in the U.K. and internationally. She is concerned with ideas about the environment—both internal and external—and makes use of familiar, found items that are carefully constructed into objects or installations that discover new narratives about old concerns. Some of her works pay homage to those who have dared to stand alone; others are concerned with affairs of the spirit and use water and light. Objects often have a surreal edge that masks a serious engagement.

The installation is based on a project that Deborah installed in Brittany, France in 2007—the photographs of the completed work are from that piece. The photographs of the work in progress were taken on Gabriola. Stop by whenever you see Deborah or her crew working on the site.

Installation Launch

and an exhibit of some old and new works

by Deborah Dallyn

Monday, August 10 at 6 pm

Women’s Institute Hall | 476 South Road

GAC Public Art - Dallyn - are we there 2 smaller (800x600)

Dallyn installation 1Dallyn installation 2 Dallyn installation 3

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