Some Birds Walk for The Hell Of It: The C.R. Avery Opera

If you want to see an exciting show that will make you think, check out C.R. Avery  at the Gabriola Golf Course. This show is fun, political and slick. He has taken it across the country and internationally, it is well produced and well rehearsed. Gotta love a show that includes Beethoven, Spoken Word and a banjo.

Breakdancing nuns to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy remixed with Cool J scratch and a beat from 1997. Who zoo? Yes, Yes will then drop to a whisper for a the small choir to hum, then will be beautifully interrupted by the conglomerate of an orgy turned loud three piece rock & roll band – Boom! Burning Beatlemania to a pulp fiction with just the written word regurgitated up to an inside-speaking-spice-rum voice. Oh toe-to-toe yes, yes just in time for the Russian-novel-loving air stewardess, the postmodern librarian dancer & a burlesque-boogie-boo bee trap villainess to make their entrance disguised like Hank Williams as Luke the Drifter. The shifter of poetry from juke box to calvary mountain alley. What kind of show is this? It’s my book launch, on Anvil Press. Gonna be the goods. yes, yes

Gabriola Golf Course | Friday, February 27 and Saturday, February 28 | $20 in advance;  $25 at the door | Door 6:30 pm / Show 7:30 pm | More info: / 250-247-0117

Online ticket sales have ended. Any available tickets can be purchased at the door, or reserved via the contract info above.

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