Gabriola Arts Council

Calling all Graphic Designers!

Calling all Graphic Designers!

Calling all Graphic Designers!

Calling all Graphic Designers!

Request for Proposal – Branding



With roots as Festival Gabriola, the Gabriola Arts Council has been working for the arts since 1997. We are ready to move into the 21st Century with a new look. We are looking for a graphic designer to create a modular branding system for us to use for multiple programs and initiatives which conveys the spirit of the Arts Council, the spirit of the arts community, and a timeless elegance which will serve us for years to come.

Project Scope

The graphic designer will work directly with the Executive Director and indirectly with the GAC Board of Directors, to achieve the desired results of the project. Enough time for Board approval must be factored into the project. The project can include a complete re-branding of GAC, where the designer might suggest a new name for the organization, but this is not required.


  • The project will realize a new modular branding system for the Gabriola Arts Council which will include, but not limited to, a complete wordmark, an acronym wordmark, subtext wordmarks for programs and initiatives. For example: GAC Media, GAC Kids, etc.
  • The branding will be used for print and digital applications and in future, on merchandise.
  • Branding must be easy to use by staff and other graphic designers going forward.
  • All branding will become the property of the Gabriola Arts Council.

Budget and Timeline

The Budget must not exceed $2000 + GST. The ideal is to have the project completed in June 2021.


Please submit a cover letter touching on why you want to re-brand GAC, examples of similar work (max 3), a brief on how you would approach the work, and a proposed budget with timelines (one PDF), attention Carol Fergusson, Executive Director Please use the same email address for any questions.


All documents to be submitted by noon on Friday, April 30, 2021.

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