Carry On Art Affair

We’re having an OBJECT SHOW as part of a fundraiser for GAC on January 29th, 2022 with entertainment, food, and good times. It is called the Carry On Art Affair. We have been through unprecedented times, so let’s look forward and carry on into 2022. We are inviting ALL artists who would like to participate. You don’t need to be on the Tour, you don’t need to be on the TAOG website, you just need to be a member and love making art!

Artists are given a canvas bag to transform however they like, or use it as an inspiration for ANY type of artwork. Sculpt a bag, paint something that represents the theme, transform the canvas bag into a glorious work of art.

All artwork will be displayed at the Community Hall on January 29th. Depending on the artist assigned price point or minimum bid, the work will either be in a silent auction or a live auction. The proceeds will be split with the artists 60/40, with 60 to the artist. It is a win win for everyone and we raise some funds to assist in the continued operation of GAC. We write grants, but the majority of them are for programming and we need to pay for the gas to run the machine.

Registration is at the cabin (476 South Road), starting November 15th and will close December 13th. Delivery details for finished works to be given at a later date. Everyone will be given ample notice and we endeavour to only transport the artwork once for safety’s sake.

Together we cultivate the arts!

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