Catherine Hart

I love good design. And good design, regardless of the medium, takes practice to master. Working with glass, I continually draw on the range of aesthetic, graphic design and production skills acquired during a career in print media: each piece of the puzzle is individually handled: cutting, grinding, taping, soldering, applying patina, polishing, framing. I aspire to finished pieces that appear simple at first glance, yet are deceivingly complicated 
to construct. The end result: romantic minimalism. Predominately abstract, my art is designed for function and décor, hanging on walls or in front of windows. Working with glass affords me endless opportunity: to explore; to create; to learn; to experiment; to imagine.

Catherine Hart is studio #58 on the 2019 Thanksgiving Studio Tour

Artist Information


(819) 431-8004

600 Wildwood Cres, Gabriola, BC  V0R 1X4

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