This program will run again in Fall 2016. Check back for details.

An Arts-Based Support Group for Gabriola Seniors

As we age in our culture, it is easy to feel invisible or relegated to the rocking chair or the care home. Some think we have lost our ability to contribute to the world. We are often expected to wait quietly for our dying. The last stage of our lives is another phase of our living—maybe even the most important one, and our senior years can be a time of integration when worldly concerns fall away as we prepare for the mystery to come. It can also be a time when we are fully engaged with our communities, our families, and ourselves.

This is an invitation to join a group of Gabriola elders to share stories, learnings, joys and losses. Using elements of theatre and play, we will recreate significant moments and celebrate our knowledge while discussing vital questions: How to get respect for the wisdom we have accrued by virtue of the number of times we have travelled around the sun? Will we have opportunities to pass on our understanding to our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and community? How do we want to be remembered after our dying, and acknowledged while we are living?

Let’s explore together how we reclaim our honoured ancestral role within our families and among our friends and community. Let’s talk about how we continue to live passionately in the world, while planning for a healthy and satisfying death.

Call Kayte at 250 247 9798 or e-mail
kaytesummers@shaw.ca for information or to register.
There is no charge for this program

Kayte Summers is a professional teacher, actor, director and drama therapist. She has been working with elders since 1980, and currently works with complex care and palliative elders at Kiwanis Village and Nanaimo Seniors Village in Nanaimo. As a beginning elder herself, she is passionate about the role of elders in our communities. You can expect to make connection and have fun with like-minded members of our community.


A GAC Healing Power of Art Program