We cordially invite you to GTF’s Opening Ceremonies

The Antony Holland Opening Ceremonies on Friday, August 15th at 1pm is a not-to-be-missed Gabriola event.

Starting off with the Ken Capon Memorial Marching Band, this event will lead into words from Sheila Malcolmson, Jean Crowder, Howard Houle, Doug Routley, which will be followed by a brilliant Antony-Through-The-Ages performance from writer and performer James Hawkins, with songs from lovely Alison Humphries.

Jim Wilson-Storey, Garry Davey, Kathy Ramsey, and Susan Yates will read notes from Antony’s past colleagues and friends (many names which you will recognize), and then for the grand unveiling of dedicating the mainstage tent to Antony’s name.

And all of these remarkable events will happen in just one hour. Please join us in celebrating Antony Holland, and the opening of the sixth annual Gabriola Theatre Festival.



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