Cultivate 2021….is almost here!

We’ve let the Cultivate website do all the heavy lifting in talking about the festival, but it is 9 days away and time for us to chime in.

Cultivate 2021 takes place July 1-4th on the beautiful grounds of the Gabriola Commons. The festival is really more like a series of shows and geared towards locals, as we are being very careful about opening things up on the island. Seating is limited, the festival grounds do not have beer gardens or food vendors (we highly recommend you pack a picnic with your favourite foods and beverages), but you can see some amazing local art!

On July 1st Jake Galbraith will lead us in a free sing along of Great Canadian Songs. The line up for the festival is two days of theatre and two days of music. Some shows are sold out, but there are still tickets left, so check out to see who is playing and buy your tickets.

Perfect timing to welcome some “normal” back into our lives. Together we Cultivate the arts!

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