CULTIVATE Artists’ Village Registration

CULTIVATE: Theatre + Music + Art Festival is the Gabriola Arts Council’s newest festival. It’s a mash-up of GAC’s long-running Theatre Festival and last year’s Music Fest with some great new features thrown in.

The Artists’ Village is an important part of the Festival. Want to join in? Complete the form below, submit your payment, and wait to be contacted by a member of the Cultivate Team.

GAC will also be offering free booths for youth artists (U16) and for community organizations. Watch this space!


Click HERE to go to the main Cultivate website.

Click HERE  to download a printable form, which can be completed and dropped off with payment at the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre. If no-one is in the building, please deposit an envelope in the drop-box on the front porch.


How to Register

  1. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions below.
  2. Complete this form with payment.
  3. If you are not able to register online, you may register in person at the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre (476 South Road) on Wednesday, June 20th from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6pm. In-person payment can be made by cheque, cash, or credit card. You can also pay via e-transfer to [password: Cultivate].
  4. You must pay the full Vendor fee to complete your registration.
  5. Registration will not be confirmed without payment.  Once your registration and payment is processed and confirmed, we will contact you.

Terms and Conditions for Vendors

The Gabriola Arts Council agrees to:

  1. Clearly mark the 10’x10’ foot area for each booth.
  2. Provide each Vendor booth with 2 lanyards and festival passes. This will allow entry to the festival site after 6pm.
  3. Provide links to vendor websites (if provided) on our website.
  4. Number vendor spaces. Spaces will be assigned in the order registrations are received.
  5. Notify each vendor by email of their stall number and loading schedule at least one week prior to the event.
  6. Provide volunteers, if available, to help vendors unload and load their vehicles.
  7. Have on-site security at night. However, GAC is not responsible for Vendors’ items or products. Vendors are responsible for their products and possessions if they choose to leave them on-site.

As a vendor participating in CULTIVATE 2018, I agree that I:

  1. Will only offer items for sale in the Artists’ Village that are handmade by me.
  2. Will pay the required fees with my registration.
  3. Will provide all necessary equipment to construct my booth in the 10’x10’ space provided, including but not limited to a table, tent, signage, and umbrella.  And, if possible, a person to help unload and load. Tents will be weighted at each corner to ensure stability.
  4. Understand that generators are not allowed because their noise may interfere with the sound of the Festival grounds. Understand that I am welcome to use solar or battery-powered lights.
  5. Understand that I may not use any sound amplification devices that could interfere with the sound on the Festival grounds.
  6. Will abide by the set-up & take-down procedures and will not remove my booth before 6:00pm on Sunday, August 19th.
  7. Understand that I am participating for 3 days (August 17 – 18 – 19) and that if I choose to leave items in my booth overnight, I am doing so at my own risk.
  8. Agree that, as much as possible, I will help to promote the Artists’ Village and the Cultivate Festival through my personal and social media networks, both before and during the Festival.
  9. At the end of the Festival, I will promptly remove my wares, equipment, and anything else I have brought onto the site.

Set-up and Take-down Procedure

  1. Will arrive at a time to be determined. This time will be provided to vendors no later than one week before the event.
  2. Will arrive at The Commons, and wait for direction to proceed to the numbered area for my booth.
  3. Will offload as quickly as possible. I will not start setting up my booth until my vehicle has been removed from the site.
  4. Will remove my vehicle from The Commons, and park away from the site before setting up my booth.  (This will avoid traffic jams.)


Please complete all fields in the form below.