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david morris

52 Stories – David Morris

52 Stories – David Morris

52 Stories

52 Stories is a storytelling show that takes place inside the memory palace of improviser Dave Morris. First, watch him memorize a shuffled deck of cards. Then, while reciting the order, he’ll teach you how to do it. All while telling heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of family, friends, love, loss, and of course, memory. A brand new show from Dave Morris.

What are the things you remember? What are the things you never want to forget?

David Morris

Dave Morris is a poet, magician, and storyteller, but mostly he’s an improviser. He’s been teaching, producing, and performing improvisation around Canada and the world for over 20 years. He is the artistic director of the award-winning Paper Street Theatre co. in Victoria B.C., and performs his one-man improvised storytelling shows to high acclaim. He has performed and taught at festivals around the world, including Seattle, Chicago, London, Berlin, Romania, Amsterdam, and many more across Canada. If you haven’t seen him before, just know: he likes you already!