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The Royal Cajun Band

The Royal Cajun Band

Cajun music is music to dance to, music that makes you feel good, a music that makes you want to let go and have yourself a time. The Royal Cajun Band strives to do just that. The Royal Cajun Band pays tribute to a music rich in history with deep roots that reach back to very early days of the European experience in North America. Based on 2-steps and waltzes, modern Cajun music is the descendant of the traditional music of the Acadians, French peoples who had migrated from what is now known as the Maritime region of Eastern Canada to Louisiana in the mid 18th century.

The Royal Cajun Band showcases four vocalists presenting a diverse repertoire of songs sung in both French and English. The brainchild of Steve Taylor (who plays the washboard) the band also features: ~April Stainsby, Edgar Bridwell -fiddles, ~Gary White -accordion, ~Jimmy Roy -steel guitar, ~Michel Drouin -upright bass, and Sandy “Bone” Smith on rhythm guitar. The Royal Cajun Band has committed to carrying on this vital music and bring it to you in a brand new refreshing package. Not dancing is Not an option!
Laissez les bons temps rouler!