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There are many ways to give – see if one of the options below works for you.

Canada Helps

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at your  bank

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Do you have an account at Coastal Community Credit Union? Ask to set up a Pre- Authorized Debit (for a monthly donation) or an Inter-member Transfer (for a one-time donation).

send a cheque

Make cheque payable to Gabriola Arts Council and mail it to us at:

PO Box 387
Gabriola Island, BC
V0R 1X0

GAC office

You’re welcome to drop off a cheque or cash donation on any weekday between 10am and 4pm .

The GAC office is inside the Jack Pine log cabin at 476 South Road, Gabriola Island.

“The Gabriola Arts Council is a registered charitable organization whose official mission is: “to engage, enhance, and inspire the community’s cultural vitality through collaboration, leadership, and service.”

become a super arts supporter

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When you register to be a monthly donor of $10 or more, your GAC annual membership will be covered for as long as your donation continues.

Monthly donations are great for everyone! GAC receives regular, reliable, and ongoing financial support; you have a trouble-free and secure way of supporting your favourite Arts Council. Canada Helps makes it extra easy, and ensures that you will receive a charitable receipt for income tax at the end of the year.

We appreciate your support for arts events and programming on Gabriola Island.

Thank you!

GAC gives back!

How the work of the Gabriola Arts Council benefits the entire community

economic development

GAC generates a meaningful amount of money for the Gabriola community through wages and project expenses. 

Gabriola: Together we Triumph was a grant about commemorating the hardships Canadians experienced during the darkest two years of the pandemic and celebrating the reopening of the country. GAC was awarded a $273,000 grant to administer with five community partners (Gabriola Museum, Agi Co-op, Gabriola Chamber of Commerce, People for a Healthy Community and the Gabriola Elementary School). The grant covered a wide variety of activities where 85% of the grant went directly back into the economy of the island. 

To see all of the activities that took place, take a look at the website gabriolatriumph.ca.

community and individual well-being

Significant research indicates that participation in the arts—as creator or observer—is a strong indicator of individual and community health and wellness.

The following information comes from a series of research studies conducted by Sharon McCoubrey, Coordinator of Community Engagement for the Faculty of Education at UBC.

The Arts contribute to social well-being because they…

  • enrich the experience of life (PoGs, 2007);
  • are vital for the progress of civilizations (Dieleman, 2008; Sacco and Segre, 2009);
  • provide pleasure and relaxation (Bunting, 2007);
  • provide challenge, amusement, fun, and relaxation (Bunting, 2007);
  • are integral to healing and resilience (Green and Sonn, 2008);
  • assist in recovery, communication and understanding, and in the management of pain, stress, and other symptoms (Staricoff, 2004; Argyle and Bolton, 2005);
  • strengthen community identity and social cohesion.
Photo credit: Amanada Ings

benefits youth learning

learning through the arts enhances learning in other areas and general scholastic achievement.

In their 2006 report “Making the Case for Culture” the Creative City Network of Canada found six arguments for using the arts to promote youth development. They determined that learning through the arts enhances learning in other areas and general scholastic achievement. That the arts help in the successful transition to adulthood and the development of in-demand job skills; offer opportunities for youth leadership development and so much more.

creates a sense of belonging

Participation in cultural experiences leads to connections, engagements, social interactions, and a sense of belonging.

Is there a difference for socio-economic status? People who go to museums and concerts or create art or play an instrument are more satisfied with their lives, regardless of how educated or rich they are.

the evidence is clear

The Gabriola arts council supports, enriches, and engages the local community. Please support GAC by becoming a member and signing up to be a monthly donor.