How to dress ’20s and where to find it all!

How to!

The 1920s, following the first world war, brought on big changes in fashion! Gone were the days of the corsets and bustles and big were the days of colour!

The roaring twenties was the time of the flapper! Of the wool and tweed suits! Of the vests, bow ties, newsboy caps and two-tone wingtip oxford shoes. The time of Charlie Chaplin, Daisy Buchanan, Ernest Hemingway, Ella Fitzgerald, Al Capone, John Dillinger, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Coco Chanel.

Where to!

Unfortunately, there are no 1920’s clothing stores hanging about just waiting for Roaring twenties events, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to dress the part! Only recently, I found a dress, hat and pearls at GIRO! And when I stopped by Funk Your Fashion in Nanaimo, the place was full of twenties-type articles that would have easily made the best flapper!

Every thrift store I go into means I get another 1920’s article! From a fake fur trim to wrap around shoulders, to the classic character heels, to pearls, dresses, boas, newsboy caps, gloves, and the list goes on! Even the dollar store in Port Place Mall has boas and sequins galore!

You can even grab a black dress from your closet, throw some pearls and gloves on and you’re good to go!


Below are more tips on how to dress 1920’s

1920’s Women Fashion

Women wore short dresses with straight loose silhouettes, evening dresses/coats/jackets were often trimmed with fur, stockings of all colour were worn to match their outfits, and cloches (small hats) were worn to mysteriously drape over a women’s eye. To pull this look together, they used clutches, gloves, pearls, headbands, and character shoes with Mary Jane straps! And the bob was introduced!

1920’s Mens Fashion 1920s-mens-costumes-great-gatsby-vintagedancer1-555x800

No matter the time of day, or the event, men wore neutral-coloured suits (brown/blue/grey), with accessories that popped. Suits were often made of thick material like tweed or wool-based flannel, and featured high lapels. The 3-piece suit was the name of the game! And since it was a fashion faux-pax to see their shirt between their trousers and vest, they had suspenders or a leather belt to hold it up. Socks were plain, striped or argyle, and the more casual alternative was the knit wool pullover vest. See Downton Abbey for ideas!



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