Documentary Film Night – Double Feature!

Date: May. 28, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Gabriola Arts and Heritage Centre

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Tickets: by donation at the door

Family is Like Skin: Lesbians in Cambodia
2015 | 8 minutes
This documentary collaboration by Paula Stromberg and Rainbow Community of Kampuchea (RoCK) tells the story of lesbians in Cambodia, and features long-term couples who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide of the 1970s, as well as young activists sometimes facing societal repression. Unique considerations of Cambodian lesbians include the importance of family acceptance, staying with your family and living in a Buddhist country where homosexuality is not criminalized. Many lesbians attending RoCK meetings shown in the movie had not left their rural villages before.
Salary Hunger: Garment Workers in Cambodia
2015 | 38 minutes
Shop ’til we drop. Media reports of crackdowns on protesting garment workers can be alarming — but as fashion consumers, how can we assure these young women that we care?
Salary Hunger, a movie by garment factory workers made in collaboration with Workers Information Centre (WIC Cambodia) and filmmaker Paula Stromberg, outlines garment workers’ efforts to improve their lives, and reveals how we in North America can feel proud to purchase clothes from suppliers that treat workers fairly.
We hear from the young women behind the sewing machines about their efforts to improve wages, develop leadership skills and inprove living conditions despite bumbling representation by male-dominated unions. Cambodia’s apparel industry workforce is 80-90 percent female yet senior union leaders are mostly men.
Cambodia’s garment workers are a major force supporting Cambodia’s economy and they deserve a voice. Global fashion brands feel pressured by shopper awareness.Garment workers 1
The movie’s catchy soundtrack features the songs by Cambodia’s famous garment workers’ Messenger Band (MB).
Journalist-Filmmaker Paula Stromberg will be in attendance, and will join in a discussion after the movies.
Paula Stromberg: NGO-activist/ Journalist-Filmmaker covering women’s empowerment, LGBTQ and human rights issues around the world.
Thursday, May 28 | 7 pm @ the WI Hall | by donation

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