HIVE EMPORIUM introduction meeting

Date: May. 4, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Gabriola Arts and Heritage Centre

More Info:
Tickets: No charge

Invitation to the Arts Community
What’s all the buzz about?… at last a new home for art to thrive!

HIVE EMPORIUM is pleased to introduce itself as a new cultural and social hub on Gabriola!

Manifesting a new vision for the island, HIVE EMPORIUM is a goods and cultural bazaar for the engagement of community, art, craft and experience – a focal point for local, and global merchandise, design and events.

Centrally located in Folklife Village Mall, HIVE EMPORIUM will feature two floors of retail space, a new café and gallery, a mini bookstore and a venue for event-oriented activity.

The store will feature a wide range of merchandise consisting of clothing, pottery, textiles, books, jewellery, bodycare, glassware, leather and woodcraft, CD’s, home design, curios, collectibles and many local crafted artisan products.

Monday May 4, 7pm
Gabriola Arts Council Hall (Former Women’s Institute)

HIVE invites Gabriola artists and cultural stakeholders to an information session to discuss future exchanges and partnerships. The business seeks to expand upon existing relationships within the community, and to engage with hundreds of new and established artists, performers and artisans. We look forward to meeting with you!

There will be regular rotations of exhibitions by local artists in many different media, music concerts, literary readings and launches, guest speakers, as well as exhibitions, installations and exchanges by artists from other Gulf islands, and inspiring innovative work from Vancouver, international and First Nations artists.

HIVE EMPORIUM – the buzz on Gabriola
“active culture” – creative commerce that connects maker, merchant, artist and events!


  1. Joood Heather

    Sounds exciting

  2. Bridget Montgomery

    Wow…this sounds amazing. I am sure it will become another wonderful reason for living on and visiting Gabriola. Congratulations to all those involved in this fantastic creative endeavor!

  3. Donna Deacon

    So happy to hear this news! Just what the community needs!

  4. Good to know that art/cultural life will continue and thrive in the village core. Look forward to the meeting and the proposals at hand.

  5. Penelope Bahr

    Bravo. Wishing you all the best; the community has been waiting. Hugs

  6. Lisa Rey

    Wonderful News! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  7. Sheila Haniszewska

    wonderful news! Artworks was , in a way, the heart of the community for us all, certainly of the village core.. and now we have a new and very vibrant beating heart! thank you to those who have not given up , have kept the vision alive, and have created the Hive!!!super name too! yay!!!!

  8. Roger Christie

    Congratulations! Looks like a fine vision and a refreshing opportunity for existing and new artists, musicians and more to collaborate on some exciting things and in the heart of the community. Good On You All!…and a pace to shop for neat things to boot..

  9. Shelagh Huston

    So delighted to hear this good news!

  10. kathy ramsey

    Wow! Super exciting news! If they get even a quarter of the satisfaction as I did running Artworks, they’ll be in for a great adventure! Big hugs and best of wishes to them! So glad to hear that the island artists will still be in the heart of the village! That’s is just wonderful news!

  11. Very happy to know that a new arts venture is unfolding at the Artworks site. Wish I could attend the meeting tomorrow, but am away. Hope to participate.\

  12. jenni gehlbach

    very good news

  13. Pam

    This is amazing!! How wonderful to hear the space remains about art! Vive le Art!!! xoxo

  14. Gabriola Island and its islanders are very fortunate to have this great HIVE!
    I’ll certainly follow its future activities and shall visit again some day soon.
    In the mean time I wish all who are involved in shaping this renewed home
    for culture and hospitality heaps of success and joy!

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