Date: May. 12, 2015
Time: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Netloft

More Info:
Contact: Karen
Tickets: By donation

In celebration of Co.ERASGA’s 15th season and the Asian Heritage Month Festival we bring back the sensational PARADIS/Paradise. Exploring the relationship and breadth of dance through live music PARADIS/Paradise streams within the moments of synchronicity in the chosen space with raw, eccentric and bold palates of sounds, imagery and movement projecting the body, with its internal paradise (pure sensation), out to the external world. Conceived and created as an international collaborative partnership between Contemporary Canadian choreographer and dancer Alvin Erasga Tolentino and French contemporary bruiste/noise musician Emmanuel Mailly, PARADIS/Paradise was created in 2008 and has been performed to global audiences and in unconventional spaces in such cities as Paris, Avignon, Shanghai, Manila, Bangkok and Vancouver. Co.ERASGA will complete a 50 performances goal of this acclaimed performance work by end of 2015 season. PARADIS/Paradise is beautification through the experiential celebration and relation of dance and music.

“A magical Duo”
– France “lunion

“Tolentino’s choreography and performance is not only power but also frailty, not only sexuality but also innocence, not only primitivism but also complexity.”
– The PLANK magazine, Vancouver

PARADIS/Paradise will subsequently tour to Gabriola Island at the intimate Net Loft May 12 and Victoria, BC May 14, 2015 at Open Space.

Artist biographies
Alvin Erasga Tolentino’s solo and ensemble work spans global audiences. An unpredictable contemporary performing artist renowned for combining sublime Asian minimalism with abstract and startling kinetic expression, Tolentino expresses a unique language that is cross cultural, multi-media and hybrid. In 2000 he founded Co.ERASGA, which promotes the art of dance by collaborating with dancers and choreographers and working with diverse art forms such as music, film/video, theatre, and the visual arts. To date, Tolentino has created multiple full-length creations for the company that includes SOLA 2000, BATO/Stone 2001, FIELD 2003, SHE SAID 2004, OrienTik/Portrait 2005, and BODYGlass in 2006/07 with Peter Chin, PARADIS/Paradise in 2008, ADAM/Eve-Man/Woman in 2009, Shadow Machine in 2010, EXpose in 2011, Colonial in 2012/2013, Shifting Geography in 2014 and most recently Undivided Colours in 2014. The company has presented work across Canada and in festivals and venues as far as Scotland, France, Italy, Belgium, the Philippines, Singapore and Venezuela.

Musician Emmanuel Mailly is a self-made musician who is also an accomplished mathematician. His philosophy of music can be defined by the expression: “no master, many influences, no teacher, many collaborations.” As a composer, he is not a formal academic. His realm is not made of notes, but sounds. Technicity is a very important aspect of his works, with a very essential rule of informatics and computerizing. Noisy music considers sound, not notes, as the simplest element of the composition. Music instruments have no monopoly of producing sounds. Improvisation and happenings are important aspects of noisy music. Since 2000, Emmanuel Mailly has performed more than 100 concerts throughout France.

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