Frances Usher

“My work, whether flat, relief or three–dimensional, has always had a similar goal and that is to be intriguing. I do everything in my power to set up a visual stage for the viewer to walk into. So I use only elements of design that increase that perceived and physical depth of the work, in hopes of capturing the viewer’s attention. Only then can I proceed to the final challenge of giving the viewer something worth contemplating.

The subject of “Human Nature” with all of its complexities persistently appears in most of my pieces. Even when I stray from that obsession in order to explore a pure aesthetic, my efforts often evolve into a visual commentary on the interactions of life and its quirks. Conscious of this, I try not to impede the outcome of the work with too many other conformities. Size, materials and visual presentation can be beautifully endless as long as they contribute to the intrigue! For me, this is what successfully melts abstract thought into tangible form.”

Frances has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture and painting, and a teacher’s degree in Visual Arts both from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, Canada. After leaving the classroom, she opened up her own studio in Ashburn, Ont. as an artist for hire from 1994 -2012. During this time, she was involved with many municipal, corporate and private commissions involving themed work’s both sculptural and flat. Fran’s commitment to exhibiting her work is taking on a much more prevalent role. But her continued involvement in local arts councils and municipal galleries has given her a chance to exercise her educational background and to promote art awareness community wide. The Usher studio and home has finally landed on shores of Gabriola Island, B.C., after a 35 year love affair with the island. She feels honoured to live here and hopes to help steward the island’s creative energy along with so many like-minded souls.


Frances Usher is studio #81 on the 2019 Thanksgiving Studio Tour

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Cell: 905-903-4065 Land: (250) 325-4036

762 Seagirt Road Gabriola Island, BC V0R1X1

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