Gabriola Artists Support Program

CLICK HERE to read about the recipients of the 2018 GAC GASP funding. The 2021 submission deadline is Monday, July 5th with results announced Friday, August 13th.


In celebration of our twentieth anniversary in 2017, the Gabriola Arts Council (GAC) created a fund to support local artists in their pursuit of creative, educational, or community-based projects. The fund was seeded by contributions from the President’s Legacy Fund (created from donations made in honour of Kathy Ramsey’s contribution to arts and culture on Gabriola) and a donation from Tammy Hudgeon. The GAC Board of Directors agreed to allocate a portion of membership fees to the GASP, a decision which will ensure an ongoing source of revenue for the fund.

This fund was inspired by GAC’s Mission: to engage, enhance, and inspire the community’s cultural vitality through collaboration, leadership, and service. The specific priorities are:

  • to enable Gabriola artists of all ages and at all levels to access professional development and other training opportunities.
  • to support Gabriola artists in the development of specific arts projects.
  • to ensure public access to and engagement with arts and culture on Gabriola Island.
  • to increase public awareness of and engagement with the arts


Gabriola-based artists at all levels — including students and emerging artists — in visual, literary, media, or performing arts (theatre, music, dance) may apply for funds from the GASP.

You must be a member of GAC to apply for a GASP Grant. This does not apply to applicants under the age of 18.

You must be a full-time resident of Gabriola, Mudge, or Decourcy Island (Area B).

Grants are awarded to assist local artists and arts-based groups or collaborations to promote their art or further their education. These are creation and professional development funds—applications from commercial enterprises or for assistance with producing events are not eligible.

The GAC GASP has three components:

  1. Individual Artists—Professional Development
  2. Individual Artists—Project
  3. Emerging Artists—Scholarships & Learning Opportunities

Grants to Individual Artists—Professional Development

This component is to provide financial support to an individual artist and/or arts administrator in support of specific training, education, learning, or professional development activities that will advance their practice or career. Grants may cover a variety of purposes, including but not exclusive to:

  • registration or tuition fees for a relevant workshop, course, symposium, conference, education opportunity, etc., on or off Gabriola.
  • travel and/or accommodation expenses for a relevant workshop, course, symposium, conference, education opportunity, etc.

Grants to Individual Artists—Project Development

The goal of this component is to provide financial support to an individual artist in support of a specific artistic and/or cultural pursuit or project. Grants may cover a variety of purposes, including but not exclusive to:

  • development and/or creation of a new and specific artistic work, project, performance, or exhibit (e.g. a new composition, development of a series of paintings or sculptures for a specific exhibit, etc.), including materials, tools, equipment, reference material, etc.
  • travel to a performance, exhibit, or other opportunity on or off Gabriola in support of the development of a specific artistic project.
  • applications may be made by individuals or a collaboration of two or more artists who share creative control of a project. In the case of a collaboration, only one artist can be the primary contact although we want to know the names of all of the artists involved. All artists involved in the collaboration must meet the requirements of the GASP (i.e. be a GAC member and live on Gabriola or in Area B).

Grants to Emerging Artists—Scholarship & Learning Support

The goal of the GASP Scholarship & Learning Support Program is to encourage the development of Gabriola’s future professional artists by assisting with pre-professional training for outstanding students of the arts in all disciplines. This program is open to children and youth. Funds will be awarded each year to a Gabriola resident/s pursuing:

  • full- or part-time post-secondary arts education in a fine-arts diploma or degree program at a recognized college, university, institution, or academy, in any country.
  • formal arts- or culture-related training and education.
  • a non-degree arts-related program at a university, college, or registered education or arts institution.
  • extra-curricular and/or community-based arts training programs.


The maximum amount of funding provided to any single project is $1,000.

You must be a member of the Gabriola Arts Council to apply for these funds.

Application for funding does not mean that funds will be provided. The grant fund is limited and we expect that the demand will exceed available funds. In some cases, applicants may receive less than what was requested.

Grants may not be given in each category with every award period. Decisions will be based on the quality of the applications and available funds.

An artist may not receive a GASP grant two years in a row.

Priority may be given to proposals that include some or all of the following components:

  • projects that demonstrate long-term benefits to the artist.
  • projects that demonstrate short- and/or long-term community benefits.
  • a budget with diverse revenue sources and a clear description of the projected use of funds.
  • clear articulation of the goals and projected outcomes of the project.

Funding is not provided retroactively. Proposed projects must take place after the grant deadline. Funds will not be provided to cover costs that have been incurred before the grant is issued.

GAC support must be acknowledged in all appropriate venues including GAC-provided logos for all related print material (e.g. CD covers, posters, articles, etc.) and two minimum mentions on social media. Recipients agree to having their name and photo featured in a promotional article on the GAC website and newsletter.

Applicants under 18 years of age may apply on their own or a parent or guardian may apply for them.


A final report must be submitted within two months after the end of the project, indicating that the project was completed, and including a report on the use of funds.


Applicants are encouraged to apply using the online application form. Downloadable PDF and hard copy forms are also available. All applications must include a budget showing projected revenue and expenses. A budget template will be provided.

All applications will be reviewed and considered by a three-person Advisory Committee consisting of one GAC Board Director, one GAC staff person, and one GAC member-at-large. The GASP Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the GAC Board, who will make the final funding decisions.

The decision of the GAC Board will be final. There is no appeal procedure.


In 2021, we have one deadline for applications: Applications are now closed.

Applications must be received by 5 pm on the deadline date; no extensions are possible.

You can download a printable form — GAC GASP – Application Form 2021 If you need a hard copy, send an email to or call 250-247-7409.


Results will be announced on Friday, August 13th.

Other Support

GAC is not able to provide funding or financial support for all eligible and worthy projects. However, we are able to provide support in other ways including:

  • promotional opportunities through our newsletter, on our website, and through our social media channels.
  • letters of support for other funders or donors.
  • loan of equipment or supplies.
  • advice on alternate sources of funding.

Looking for grant-writing advice? Here are some useful tips.

Thank you to all who applied. 


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