Gabriola Arts Council—Village Food Market Community Card

Support the Gabriola Arts Council when you buy your groceries!

How about this for an amazing community partnership? When you use a Village Foods-Gabriola Arts Council Community Card, five percent of every dollar you load on the card will be donated to the GAC WI Improvement Fund. This money will allow the Arts Council to make necessary repairs to the foundation, electrical and water systems at the WI Hall.

How does it work? You load up a Community Card with a minimum of $100 (there’s no maximum). You use the card like cash or a debit card, and you have access to the entire amount (i.e. there’s no fee to card users). Every time you load the card, Village Foods makes a contribution of 5% to the WI Fund at the Gabriola Arts Council.

It’s WIN-WIN-WIN! You support the arts and your local grocer at no cost to you! The Arts Council gets closer to being able to make the required repairs to the WI Hall building. Village Foods gives back to the community!

ALSO! These cards are fully transferable! You can give them as gifts or donations (to, for example, the PHC Food Bank!).

How do you get started? Just ask your Village Foods cashier. They can provide the card and load it (and re-load it!) right at the cash register. Note that the card can only be loaded using cash or a debit card—you cannot use a credit card to load a Community Card.

Need more info?

Contact Michelle at the Gabriola Arts Council: | 250-247-7409

Check out Village Food Market’s Community Card page for details on all of the projects they are supporting.
Or just ask the friendly staff at Village Foods!


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  1. Nerissa

    Am loving the Village food reload a card for groceries and 5% deal. I Will be moving to Gabriola in mid late September from Toronto and shall be doing the card for certain for groceries. Given the change in ownership at Village Foods, am curious to know if this will continue. Am an encaustic artist and jewelry designer, so want to support the Arts on the island.
    Cheers, Nerissa.