GAC Community Survey Results

The results are in!

Enormous thanks to the 81 people (66 GAC members, 15 non-members) who completed our Community Survey, and who provided valuable and thoughtful feedback and suggestions on our programs and events, and some great suggestions and ideas for future programming.

You can download a copy of the compiled results here, or read below for a summary.

We’re looking forward to discussing the results at our GAC Café Community Meeting on Monday, July 27 at 6 pm at the WI Hall.

Brief summary: the overwhelmingly popular request is for professional development and community art workshops. People want the Isle of the Arts Festival to run year-round!

We received many useful comments and suggestions for our current programs and events. GAC staff and the Board will go through these to sort out what’s immediately possible, what’s long-term possible, and what should be parked for future consideration.

There are quite a few suggestions/requests for a music festival and a literary festival, and for more kids and youth programming.

We are interested in exploring all of the suggestions and ideas. We see all of it as information to be used by the entire community, especially other organizations and presenters. We look forward to discussing new programming ideas with members, and we welcome invitations for collaboration and partnerships from other organizations and individuals.

Hope to see many, many people at the meeting on Monday!


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