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GAC Media launches new program

GAC Media launches new program

GAC Media launches new program

GAC Media launches new program

GAC Media launches new program

About a year ago GAC made an announcement about an exciting grant from the BC Arts Council to purchase video equipment for a video program. We purchased the equipment and then COVID got in the way of actually initiating the program. We did have a kids video camp in the summer and that was wildly successful, but the adults were left wondering “What about us?”. We are here to tell you…LET’S DO THIS! We have consulted Jules Molloy, the GAC Media Creative Director to oversee a well-rounded program for all levels of videographers. Jules is an award winning, professional videographer, cinematographer, writer, producer, and more! Having access to this kind of expert instruction is such a coup!

In order to activate the equipment portal we will be offering FREE orientation classes to get the camera rolling (see what we did there). Orientation Classes familiarize potential users with all of the equipment. These two 2.5hr sessions will give the participants a good understanding of everything from the Canon down to the tripods and more. This class is for videographers and photographers, as the equipment can be used for both disciplines. If you are already an expert and really want to sign out the fancy Canon or any of the other equipment, you have to book an appointment with Jules ( to show him you know what you’re doing. We have two sets scheduled and will schedule more depending on demand.

After completing the two orientation classes, successful participants will have access to the equipment portal at rates dramatically less than anywhere in Canada (we’re not even being hyperbolic). Equipment goes out on  Monday afternoon and comes back the following Monday morning, giving the user a solid week to complete their project. Times and registration details here.

Following Orientation Classes is a Beginner Intensive Course this takes the beginner through the entire process of creating a video. From planning, to shooting, to editing at a high level. This 16 hour intensive course will give anyone a great foundation to begin their adventures in videography. Cost is $320.

Next in line is the Intermediate Intensive Course which takes the beginner to the next level or the hobbyist out of their comfort zone and onto the edge of professional videography. Whether you want to make your own promotional videos, a short film or you want a leg up getting into the industry, this course is for you. Building on the fundamentals from the Beginner Intensive Course, Jules will layer on concepts and skills to make your videos stand out. More time on cinematography and editing with an emphasis on quality production. Cost $400.

If you still want more, but you don’t need an entire course, you can book private sessions with Jules for Advanced Instruction. For example, you understand story boards, you captured awesome footage, but you need a little help with some tricky editing, Jules is your go to in order to finish your project. If you don’t have the editing software we have you covered…you can’t take the fancy MacBook Pro with Adobe Premiere home with you, but you can book the equipment, tuck away in the office and make magic happen.

Plus this summer we are offering a Kid’s Camp for ages 8-12, a Teen Camp for ages 13-17 and in the fall…Adult Video Camp for 24 hours (not in a row) of video making wizardry. The courses and the camps are all pilot projects to see what Gabriola wants and what it needs. Jules and GAC will pivot where necessary and add courses where possible if community demands more.

For those who don’t need courses, but want access to more gear and to use the Gabriola Arts and Heritage Centre as a studio (we have black out blinds now, so it is pretty cool), Mondays are all GAC Media and so are Tuesday evenings. It is going to take some scheduling, but we hope you will come to us with patience and understanding while we work the bugs out of this amazing new program.

Head over to for all the details, like days/times and how you can register. Classes are small, maximum 6 and minimum 4 to run the class. Kids camp is a maximum of 10 and Teen camp a maximum of 8. Adult camp is also 6. Quality instruction, quality equipment = quality results on a tiny island in the Salish Sea. GAC goal…to create a community of video enthusiasts so we can create GAC TV and a docudrama about our island. An arts council can dream…come dream with us!

Find all the details and how to register on the GAC Media tab.


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