Gabriola Arts Council

We’re Hiring: Program Manager

We’re Hiring: Program Manager

We’re Hiring: Program Manager

We’re Hiring: Program Manager

The Gabriola Arts Council is inviting candidates interested in joining a vibrant and dedicated team that is passionate about connecting with the community.

Our PROGRAM MANAGER will have the ability to assess and respond to community interests, while developing opportunities that enliven and enhance our community experiences.


  • Provide artistic /strategic direction of events/programs, such as Isle of The Arts Festival, CULTIVATE, and Thanksgiving Studio Tour
  • Understanding of shaping and building programs elements
  • Capacity to professionally lead and manage all elements of program development
  • Oversee operational and technical aspects of events
  • Provide financial stewardship to program budgets and some grant writing
  • Manage program print materials, social media and marketing opportunities
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Understanding of the principles of EDIA and experience of those principles in the work of the organization.
  • Experience with developing and building relationships with the indigenous community.

Compensation: $30.00 per hour

Maximum 25 hours a week

Start date: First week of January 2024

Detailed Job Description:


Reports To: Gabriola Arts Council Board Program Liaison 

Position Purpose and Objectives

The Program Manager (PM) is responsible for the overall direction of the Gabriola Arts Council’s (Arts Council) programming and events.  The PM will oversee and coordinate all aspects of the Arts Council’s event management, logistics, marketing, and programming.  

The PM is passionate about the arts on Gabriola and about connecting the community with arts and culture.  The PM will assess and respond to community interests and will develop cultural and arts opportunities that enliven and enhance the individual and collective community experience.

This is a complex and demanding position, requiring a wide range of competencies.  

Essential Job Functions

The Program Manager will: 

  • Ensure all the Arts Council’s programs are aligned with our mission, vision and mandate.
  • Ensure all the Arts Council’s programs follow our EDIA policy and procedures.
  • Create ways to take the artistic pulse of our community, encouraging feedback and support from our network of artists and creating connections that spark new understandings with the Arts Council and the community it serves.
  • Provide leadership and hands on support to ensure successful delivery of the Arts Council’s programs and events.
  • Act as a spokesperson for the Arts Council within the context of our programming. 
  • Work towards diversified, sustained and increased member and community participation in all the Arts Council’s programs.  
  • Provide financial stewardship and budget management for each of the programs/events.
  • Ensure all grants that currently support our programs are sustained. 
  • Ensure all brochures and printed material for the Arts Council programs are designed within budget and effectively market the programs.
  • Prepare, negotiate, monitor contracts/agreements for those involved in the delivery of the Arts Council programs in consultation with the board. 
  • Prepare and follow up on all legal arrangements (eg. Partnership agreements, liquor licenses, etc.)
  • Report monthly to the Arts Council board on all activities
  • Attend a portion of monthly Board meetings.
  • Prepare evaluation reports at the end of each program.
  • Develop and manage a marketing plan for each program while working with graphic designer to develop marketing materials
  • Develop relationships with stakeholders, funders, and community in the maintenance of the Arts Council’s programs.
  • Provide necessary administrative support to the Community Support, Multicultural Anti Racism (CSMARI) program (grant from Department of Canadian Heritage) that will be delivered Jan. 2024-March 2025.
  • Develop an operational plan for each program and oversee the effective operation of the programs.
  • Identify the required resources to achieve the goals and objectives of the operational plan.
  • Oversee event operations, logistics and technical aspects, including sound and light, and event site requirements.
  • Volunteer management – recruitment, coordination and recognition.
  • Event registration and/or ticketing processes. 
  • Be aware of potential grants that may contribute to the funding for the Arts Council’s programs/events. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Leadership experience in a nonprofit or arts organization 
  • Acknowledges the artistic integrity and merit so prevalent in our community and has the ability for inventive outreach to spearhead opportunities engaging and pushing the boundaries of art and cultural activities. 
  • Understanding of the elements of programming building and leveraging program assets
  • Understands and has worked or participated in the arts and cultural sector and a board of directors.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Knowledge of marketing, promotion, and fundraising principles, strategies, and techniques. 
  • Knowledge of effective communication techniques in working with the public, community groups, artists, performers, media, and others associated with the delivery of cultural arts programs.
  • Experience working with and coordinating volunteers. 
  • Financial acumen with costing and budget oversight
  • Knowledge of EDIA policies and practices and their integration into GAC programs

Supervisory Responsibility

The Program Manager will work in collaboration with the Administrative Systems Manager and the Web Content and Media Manager.  The PM will remain in close communication and work with the IOTA Festival Coordinator, the CSMARI Program Consultant and the designated GAC Board representative.

Working Conditions

It is anticipated that a significant proportion of the Program Manager’s work will be completed at the Gabriola Arts Council office, with some of the work to also be done remotely but there is a requirement for close interaction with the Arts Council staff, Board members and membership and the Gabriola community.   

Applications accepted until December 15th, 5:00pm.

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