Jiang Huiyu

Jiang Huiyu is an intuitive artist, creativity coach. She believes that arts are medicine for the Soul; Creating is not only for products, but also for opening up a world: the world of the unknown. When we create intuitively, images, messages will emerge from the unconscious naturally. The key is to practice surrendering to the Process. Deep Healing can happen. Jiang Huiyu works with body, images, and dreams and created the “Soul Intuitive Collage” method, and “Soul Intuitive Painting” method, both of which are “Process-oriented” art process.

She creates, writes her visual books, organizes exhibitions, and coaches people to create from their hearts, unleashing the wild infinite creative potential of everyone!

Artist Information

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(250) 618-7336

Soul Healing Intuitive Arts
255 Ricardo Road, Gabriola, BC, V0R 1X1

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