Jed Irwin – Studio Rex


Jed Irwin is a senior artist who has been following the tradition of abstraction for more than 50 years. He keeps his paintings fresh and edgy by starting each one as a new beginning, "the blank canvas as square one". His work can be taken as a dialog between classical formalism and lyrical expressionism.

Jed Irwin holds a BFA from Tyler Art School, Philadelphia, and an MFA from Mills College, Oakland. His solo exhibitions include New York, Philadelphia, Istanbul, Prague, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, etc. He is Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary, Department of Art.

Jed has been living on Gabriola for the past 18 months. His workplace is named Studio Rex, in memory of a very special cat.

Jed Irwin is studio #73 in the 2019 Thanksgiving Studio Tour

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