Living with Cancer

This program will run again in Fall 2016. Please check back for details.

An arts-based support group for those who are recovering from cancer or living with a cancer diagnosis

Join in a safe, facilitated space to:

  • share support and experiences with others;
  • reduce anxiety, stress and isolation;
  • develop tools for self-help and self-empowerment;
  • have fun with creative expression.

“This was a pleasurable, constructive and helpful series … It was safe, non-judgmental and uplifting. We all learned to take some risks and we learned more about ourselves and the others. It helps to know one is not alone when cancer drops by to totally mess up one’s life.” – previous participant

A cancer diagnosis can be a scary thing. You may be confronted with a multitude of different feelings. People closest to you may have their own fears, so it is not always easy to talk with them. This can leave us feeling alone, and often there are no words to go with feelings that can lie just under the surface.  The treatment itself has to be faced—radiation, surgery or chemotherapy, perhaps losing your hair or some part of your body. You may feel weak or tired or generally unwell.

If this is familiar to you or someone you love, you may want to participate in this arts-based support group for those who are recovering from cancer or living with a cancer diagnosis. Meeting and sharing experiences with others who are going through or who have survived similar experiences can help us feel less alone, less vulnerable and less different from those around us.

In this six-week program you can play creatively with images and colour, with collage, paint and clay, while exploring your feelings and fears in a safe and facilitated environment. You don’t have to be an artist to benefit from this program, or have any experience of art at all. Participants in the previous program enjoyed fun and laughter while learning to express themselves in new and different ways. They developed trust in one another and in themselves. By sharing and communicating through the creative process, another part of their healing journey had begun.

Professional Art Therapists Liz McKnight and Jaki Deer will be facilitating.

For information or to register, email Liz McKnight or phone her at 250-713-8857.

There is no charge for this program, which is funded in part through a generous bequest from Kitty J. Heller. Ms. Heller had been a regular visitor to Gabriola who respected the work of the Arts Council and shared our vision for a healthy community engaged in the arts.