Marcelle Glock, Mad Mudslinger

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I work in the wood fired ceramic tradition, using twigs from the ground and beaches, to fire the Mad Mudslinger kiln on Mudge Island. My background and education in clay has been muchly domestic functional ware, but these days I'm getting back to making sculptures and large vessels.

I'm drawn to and inspired by primitive arts for the same reasons I choose to work in clay. All four basic elements are used in a simple paleo-ancient process; earth combines with water to take a shape which is dried by air and made durable with fire. Mad Mudslinger Studio is remote and quiet, nestled into the island forest with many animal friends around. It's a perfect place to find and express truth with minimal distractions from the outside world.

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Marcelle Glock, Mad Mud Slinger
RR2 S21 C10, Mudge Island, British Columbia V0R 1X6

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