Mary Lou Trinkwon at the Keep Calm and Carry On Gallery

Evocative Objects, Useful Companions

In this installation of new work created specifically for Keep Calm Gallery, Mary Lou Trinkwon begins with three simple, everyday items: a photograph of her mother as a girl, children’s coats, and a ball of crochet cotton; and through her sensitive, intuitive handling, she spins it all into the magic of Evocative Objects, Useful Companions. 
An award-winning textile artist and active member of The Textile Society of America, Trinkwon has been teaching surface design at North Vancouver’s Capilano University since 2000. She is as comfortable in thrift stores and junk shops as she is in the classroom, and is known for seeking out the discarded evidence of other people’s lives – the “intimate archeology of others” – and creating atmospheric environments which are at once intimate, fiercely nostalgic, and charged with meaning. She pays homage to the domestic, the familiar, the anti-heroic scale of so-called “women’s work”. Her processes are intentionally manual and labour-intensive, as if to challenge Sigmund Freud himself, who believed that concentrated absorbing passions such as needlework, were partly to blame for the rise of female hysteria.

Evocative Objects, Useful Companions is an engaging and intriguing body of work, the result of her “playful persistent tinkering with form and spirit”. We invite you to come out and see what this tinkering has produced, and especially, to hear Trinkwon speak about it on Saturday at 1pm.

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