Why join the Gabriola Arts Council?

Becoming a member of the Gabriola Arts Council is one of the best investments you can make to support Gabriola Island arts and culture. Your membership fee:

  • allows you to receive the lively and informative GAC newsletter, always full of interesting and timely news and announcements about local arts and culture events, as well as calls for submission and contests
  • helps GAC and our volunteers to dream up and manage events and programs like the annual Studio Tour and Theatre Festival that provide opportunities for Gabriolans to engage in and discover the arts
  • helps GAC and our volunteers to manage events like the Isle of the Arts Festival that allow Gabriolans to discover their own creative and artistic abilities
  • allows Gabriolan to explore the healing power of art through the GAC Art Therapy program
  • creates opportunities for partnerships and collaboration among local community organizations. Recently, GAC has worked with PHC, the Chamber of Commerce, the Gathering Place, The Haven and more.