Messages and Donations in Memory of Jeff Molloy



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I feel honoured to have met Jeff. He was truly an inspiration. And what a witty sense of humour! I know he will be terribly missed by his family and community. — Donna, Brad, Katy & Ginny White

I’m in awe of Jeff’s legacy of love and creativity. It will stay with me for years to come. My condolences to Kathryn and family. — Karen Campbell

Thanks Jeff, for your generous spirit and wry humour. May Your saga continue. — Carolyn Bell

Deepest sympathy. — Ethel Straw

Amy and I are grateful for Jeff being in our lives, and inspiring art in all forms and generous building efforts for the GAC. We support Jeff and his family in these endeavours, and he is always in our hearts! — Paul Gellman & Amy Block

Jeff’s inventive creativity, humour and generousity will be much missed on Gabriola. I am deeply saddened for his loss to the Molloy family he loved so dearly. I am glad to have known him and feel that his generosity to other artists through the GAC building fund is a wonderful legacy. — Karen Curry

Thank you Jeff for your generosity in giving to the arts on Gabriola. —Tsiporah & Paul Grignon

Dear Jeff: You gifted all who came into your realm with your big heart, generosity, potent art and wonderful humour. We know you will live on in our community in multiple creative ways and thank you. Soar high in your new dimension(s)! sending you love. — Zulis and Joy

Dear Jeff: May you rest in peace after such a long battle and knowing you have left a special place in the hearts of your family and friends. Your art and work with the GAC will be a legacy for all. Now you are sitting at the biggest table of all keeping watch over your family. All will miss you. — Kim Kotanko

In memory of Jeff Molloy — a true Canadian. Proud to say I knew you! — David Carleton

Jeff, you have left a hole in our hearts but also many inspiring memories. Thank you for your integrity and courage. With love to the family. — Janet Vickers

We are donating in memory of Jeff Molloy , a remarkable Gabriola artist who made a difference to his community and to those who met him by his actions, spirit and talent. Our hearts are broken for the loving wife and family that he left. — Lesley and Glenn Harris

May the spirit, generosity and love of Jeff Molloy live on in this community. — Anita Jackel-Deggan

In memory and honour of Jeff and his many gifts — our small contribution to “making a bigger table.” With sadness and sympathy. — Chris Gilmour & Todd Strong

May Jeff Molloy’s integrity, humanity, humour and uncompromising creative vision inspire everyone who designs, builds and enters the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre. — Lisa and Don Gordon


Generous donations to GAC’s Building Fund in Jeff’s memory have been gratefully received from:

Carol Hemrich

Susan Yates

Kit & George Szanto

Karen Campbell

Donna, Brad, Katy & Ginny White

Carolyn Bell

Van & Don Spears

Ethel Straw

Paul Gellman & Amy Block

Marilyn Campbell & Chris Boulsbee

Karen Cain

Moira Nichol

Karen Dearlove

Karen Curry

Frank & June Shoemaker

Gary Davey & Donna Deacon

Leah Hokanson

Tsiporah & Paul Grignon

Peter Terweeme & David Kuefler

Ian Thomson

Mindy Joseph

Dirk Huysman & Mary Ann Richards

Julie Marshall & Ron Crown

Lindsay Stocking Godfrey

Kit & George Szanto

Zulis Yalte & Joy Olsen

Jenny Marcus

Wendy Stok

April Vannini

Pam Dineen

Ann Duffy

Dianne Eustace

Michael & Janice Beacock

Kelly Hagerman

Guy Doyon

Heather Ferris

Jacqui Braid

Loretta Bloomfield

Mary Ann Clarke

Kim Kotanko

David Carleton

Janet Vickers

Lesley and Glen Harris

Anita Jackel-Deggan

Will Straw

Mollie Gray

Ellen Fulton

Chris Gilmour & Todd Strong

Tom & Charlotte Cameron

Karen & Abe Hering

Laura Handford

Cindy & Bill McCaughterty

Anne Moon

Lisa and Don Gordon








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