Micro Loan Program for Artists & Artisans on Gabriola

Community Survey

The Gabriola Arts Council is scheming about a micro-loan program for artisans and artists working in a variety of forms and practices. This would be a loan to artists according to terms that still need to be determined. The loans will be intended to provide short-term financial assistance to artists in support of their specific creative practice or arts-focussed business (for example, to purchase equipment, software, or materials, to support a recording project, for training etc.).

We are in the research phase of the project, and would like to determine the interest in and need for such a program on Gabriola. Would you consider answering some questions to help us shape this program (and/or to determine if we should proceed at all)?

None of your answers indicate a specific interest or commitment on your part. If we decide to go ahead with the program, there will be a formal application process. If you have any specific interest or experience with this kind of program, we would love to hear about it. Please don’t feel limited by the questions below — if you have relevant information or ideas to share about this initiative, don’t hesitate to send it in an email, in the comments sections provided, or call to set up a time to meet to discuss.

We appreciate the time you take to answer questions and/or to provide information that is useful to us in this process.

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