Q&A Series: Lucas Myers, Creator of EAST: How Far Would You Go For Love?

Read our Q&A with Lucas Myers from EAST: How far would you go for love?

Gabriola Theatre Festival: This is your fourth visit to the Gabriola Theatre Festival. What is it about this Festival that keeps you coming back?

Lucas Myers: The amazing audience and the great atmosphere.  It feels like an event that the community embraces and supports and its gratifying to be a part of it, to be involved in that kind of energy

GTF: What was the inspiration for your new show, EAST? What can your fans on Gabriola expect from this show?

LM:  I wanted to tell more than one story during a show.  EAST is actually 3 different “playlets” like short stories in play form, that are loosely connected.  People can expect to meet some familiar yet unique characters with their own perspectives on life, and hear some original music as well.

GTF: What have you been up to since you and the Cromoli Brothers were last here on our stage?

LM: My wife got a full time teaching job so this year I was a stay at home Dad, a well as doing some touring.  I am really thankful that I can control my schedule so I can dedicate time to my family as well as head off on weekends to do what I love to do. This past year was great, I made it to a number of lower mainland venues.

GTF: How much time do you spend on the road each year?

LM: It really varies, depending on what time I have available and how many shows I manage to line up!

GTF: How was it that you ended up working in theatre? Can you tell us a little bit about your journey? What was it like to attend the highly acclaimed National Theatre School?

LM: I fell into acting in junior high school.  Theatre sports was big, doing structured improv, and for some reason I could work imaginatively and make it come alive in the room.  I got good grades so I kept doing it.  It wasn’t actually until I was attending The National Theatre School, and this was after four years at the University of Victoria to get my BFA in Theatre, that I actually stepped back and asked myself “Do you really want to do this with your life? Do you want to commit to a life of minimal job security, not a lot of money, and lots and lots of rejection?”  I went for it, and realized you can make it what you want.  If you make your own shows, you don’t have to deal with rejection, and if your wife gets a full time teaching job, that takes the heat off of the whole job security thing a bit!

GTF: Last year you were Nelson, BC’s Cultural Ambassador? What were your responsibilities?

LM:  Basically just to represent Nelson on tour as well as bolster the presence of culture in Nelson.

GTF: You have a pattern of bringing one-man shows to the Gabriola Theatre Festival What is it about one-man shows versus ensemble productions?

LM: It really comes down to my own capacity to organize.  Its way easier if I am the only one who has to make it to rehearsal, and if I am the only one who is making the financial risk then if it doesn’t pay off then I’m the only one who takes the hit.  I do intend on doing ensemble pieces, and I have done some in Nelson, its just making it work with the family schedule.

 GTF: Is there anything else you think Gabriolans should know?

LM: EAST is actually the second one person show I created, and its instrumental in shaping my life as it is now.  It was the first show I did in Nelson, and, due to the audience response, it reassured me that I could make a go of it here, and make a go of doing one person shows.  More importantly, its how I met my wife.  She came to the Saturday night show, of a week long run, brought her parents to the Sunday matinee and the rest, as they say, is history.

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    Great work on the newsletter. I really enjoyed reading all of these interviews. Awesome event. Amazing for our community.