Rebecca Furnell

Socks n' Sacks….

Gardener, cook and seamstress.... Productive, practical and hands on work is my jam! I love creating beautiful, fun and useful things to make others feel happy, comfortable and snazzy!

My bags, purses, fanny packs and other odds and ends are all made with great love and care. I strive to make bags that will be your friend for a long time. Reducing waste is important to me as is keeping things unique and fun, so in my bags you will find fabric from all over the place- some new, but also often found at thrift shops or recycled from curtains, clothing, etc.

My fleece socks have been a well-loved staple in my little island community for many years. These socks were originally introduced to Gabriola by Cherryl Reed who has since passed the sock baton to me. These socks are comfortable, warm and most importantly, socksy! I firmly believe that sporting comfortable and fun socks makes your day better.

Becky Furnell is in studio #3 on the 2019 Thanksgiving Studio Tour

Artist Information


(250) 616-3189

Oh Sack! & Socksy Times
561 Wildwood Gabriola, BC V0R 1X4

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