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Renting the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre

Rent the Gabriola Arts & Heritage centre for a private or public event

Located in the Village right by the Gabriola Post Office, The Arts & Heritage Centre is a lovely spot for meetings, workshops, classes, performances, exhibits, private functions, & much more.

476 South Rd, Gabriola, BC V0R 1X0, Canada

If you are interested in booking the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre

  1. Please view the calendar below to determine if your date is free*

  2. Read more about the space features and capacity

  3. Read the terms and conditions below

  4. Click “Request a Booking” at the bottom of this page


Once we have received your request, you will get a confirmation within 7 days. 

*Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis, and it’s possible that someone else has submitted a request that hasn’t yet been added to the calendar. For further questions and requests, contact us directly:

Click on any calendar item to see duration and details. The color bar indicates that the space is booked for the entire day. 

See the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Calendar on Google Calendar

space features and capacity:

The Arts Centre’s capacity is 50 people (standing) and approximately 30 people if seated. GAC can provide up to 45 chairs and 8 6-foot folding tables.

The space is 24′ x 36′ — approximately 864 square feet. There is a cable-based art-hanging system on three walls. The fourth wall is mostly windows, with electronic blackout curtains if needed.

The backdoor entrance has a ramp – making this building wheelchair accessible. There are two washrooms, one accessible to wheelchairs and walkers.

There is a small kitchen with a bar fridge and sink, kettle and coffee maker, and a small selection of dishes.

If arranged in advance, rental can include use of GAC’s audio gear, microphones or projector. Learn more about borrowing GAC’s equipment.

For questions or further details contact

rental cost:

Non-members – Hourly Rate $25*

GAC Members – Hourly Rate $20

GAC Members – Daily Rate (6 hours or more) $80**

GAC Members – Weekend Rate $180**
Weekend rentals cover the following hours:
Friday 6 pm to 9 pm / Saturday 9 am to 9 pm / Sunday 9 am to 9 pm

* All registered not-for-profit and/or charitable organizations on Gabriola are granted complementary membership in GAC and qualify for the Members rate. This applies to the organization and not the individual members of the organization.

**For any hours outside the daily or weekend rate; including setup, tear down, opening, etc., hourly rates apply. Renters wishing to set up during the day on Friday to have an evening opening Friday night, should choose a 3-day rental.

If you are wanting to host an arts-based event at the GAHC and these prices are prohibitive, please contact us directly to discuss alternative options.

payment types:

Once the reservation is confirmed, payment can be made via Paypal or a credit card (you are not required to register with PayPal when you pay with a credit card). We will issue an electronic invoice for payment.

Cash or Cheques payable to the Gabriola Arts Council can be dropped in the mail slot at the Jack Pine Cabin (log cabin next to the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre) at 476 South Road. 

We also welcome e-transfers sent to: 

Here is the address, should you choose to mail in your payment:

Arts Centre Bookings
Gabriola Arts Council
Box 387
Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X0

You may pay with a credit card via Paypal with this booking request (you are not required to register with PayPal when you pay with a credit card). 

booking request terms and conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before submitting your booking request.

booking confirmation

GAC staff will get back to you to confirm your booking within seven days of receiving your request. If you need an answer in a hurry, please email to let us know and we will try to accommodate you. Contact information for Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre Manager:

Please be aware that the Arts Centre Manager does not work every day. Your booking is not guaranteed until you receive the confirmation email.

cancellation policy

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. For details please read the terms and conditions below. This applies to amending your booking for a shorter period of time.

booking the arts centre:


Prior to my event, I will make the appropriate payment based on the time I have requested. If billing is handled by a financial services agent, I must make special arrangements with the Arts Centre Manager for invoicing. All hours that the Arts Centre is in use are subject to rental fees including set-up, tear-down, and clean-up time. 


I understand that rental fees are due and payable to GAC before the date and time of the event. Once payment is received, the Arts Centre Manager shall release a door code to me. I understand and agree that I will not make the door code known to anyone not associated with the organization of my event.


I understand and agree that I will not make the door code known to anyone not associated with the organization of my event.


I understand and agree to a 48-hour cancellation policy and that I will not be reimbursed if I do not use the Arts Centre for the complete time I booked and paid for. Should I wish to amend the date and time, I will give the Arts Centre Manager 48 hours notice and understand that changes will be subject to availability.


I agree to use the name Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre if referring to the space in my advertising.

arts centre grounds and premises:

  • I agree to be responsible for keeping the Arts Centre in the same condition as I found it. This includes use of dishes and/or any of the kitchen equipment or facilities, and all floors will be swept and spot-wiped if muddy. In the event this is not done I will pay a cleaning fee.
  • I understand food is permitted on the premises, and I agree not to leave any food on the counters, in the cupboards, in the fridge or otherwise on the premises of the Arts Centre unless I have made previous arrangements, and only if I store my food items in appropriate, marked and sealed containers. I understand that anything left behind without notice will be disposed of.
  • I agree that garbage disposal is my responsibility, that no refuse of any kind will be left in the Arts Centre or the premises and that failure to comply will result in additional fees for removal.
  • I accept full responsibility for any loss or damage to the Arts Centre, and I will pay for the repair or replacement of the equipment if deemed necessary by the Gabriola Arts Council. I will inform the Arts Centre Manager immediately if any damage occurs.
  • I agree that I will promptly report any problems with the Arts Centre to the Gabriola Arts Council.
  • I understand that the consumption of alcoholic beverages within the Arts Centre or the premises is prohibited, unless required liquor permits are authorized, purchased and displayed during the contracted rental hours. Storage of alcohol on the premises is prohibited.
  • I agree to ensuring the Arts Centre’s no-smoking policy is strictly adhered to. If participants in my event smoke outside the Arts Centre, I will be responsible for ensuring that no mess is left and that there is no danger of fire.
  • I understand that the use of illegal drugs on the premises and property is strictly prohibited.
  • I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that the kettle and indoor lights are off, toilets are flushed, and the Arts Centre windows and doors are locked prior to vacating the Arts Centre at the conclusion of an event.
  • In the event of a power outage, I will take extra care with any temporary lighting and make sure the light switches are in the off position when I leave.
  • I agree that no table, chair, or other GAC property shall be removed from the Arts Centre.
  • I agree that no holes, including holes from push-pins, will be put in the walls or sills of the Arts Centre.
  • I agree that no duct tape will be used on the floors or in any part of the building.
  • I will arrive ten minutes before my booking begins to read the safety plan regulations for the Arts Centre so that I can fully understand my responsibilities in the event of an of emergency, such as fire or earthquake. I will make these responsibilities known to all people in the Arts Centre at the start of my event. In the event that I make multiple bookings, I will ensure everyone knows about the safety plan regulations at the beginning of every booking.
  • I accept the condition of the Arts Centre as is and indemnify and hold harmless the Gabriola Arts Council and any its officers, employees, volunteers, agents and contractors from any and all loss, liability, claims or expenses arising out of the use of and/or occupation of the Arts Centre. I understand and agree that by renting the Arts Centre, I am waiving any right to claim against the Gabriola Arts Council concerning the condition, quality, durability, suitability, fitness or operation of the Arts Centre and its contents.

You can download a copy of the Terms and Conditions here and submit your booking form in hard copy directly at the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre. You can also pick up a copy at the GAC office (Jack Pine cabin) during business hours

If you have read and agree with the terms above, please click below to request a booking. 

We will get back to you within 7 days.