The Rogue Turkey Show!


Saturday, October 8th | 7:00pm | Gabriola Island Community Hall

A Gabriola Arts Council/Lulu Performing Arts Society Co-production

Join us for an evening of musical thanksgiving and fun in the spirit of the rogue turkeys that roam our island home. In a co-production extravaganza, the Gabriola Arts Council and Lulu Performing Arts have pulled together a (free) range of musicians. Some are well known and loved, others will surprise as their talent emerges from behind other identities such as  beachcomber, drywaller, marina manager, business owner, and elementary school student.

The lineup includes:  Sheila Norgate (sharing a hitherto hidden talent), DB Boyko, Liz Lutz each doing jazz standards, original tunes written and perfomed by Mike Curran, Sandy Lucan, Daniel Petersen, Dar Yuile, Leah Hokanson, Allannah Dow, plus Jasmine Ginn, Tansi Robinson, and many more, with Carolyn Bell as your host for the evening. Our amazing house band is Steve Smith on keyboard, Frank Sehr on bass, Jeremy MacDonald on violin, and Voodoo Dave on percussion.

Gabriola Arts Council and Lulu have put together this evening to entertain the many folks–both local and ‘from away’–who enjoy the weekend of the Gabriola Studio Tour and want to continue the celebration into the evening. Just watch out for the turkeys as  you arrive, they might show up too!

Join us on Saturday, October 8th, 7:00 pm, at the Gabriola Island Community Hall for an evening of unforgettable fun! Advance tickets are $20 at North Road Sports and Clothing, $25 at the door, and $5 for Youth (16 & under). For more information email See you at the show!

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