Sheila Haniszewska

I have painted and drawn since an early age. I had wonderful and inspiring college and university art instructors, especially Vernon Trevellyan, now with the Art Institute of Seattle. Living in the North, in Prince George, opened me to the stark beauty of the northern wilderness with its myriad wild creatures. While in that city, during the 1980's, I took part in two Prince George art gallery shows. One was a three-woman show; the other, a two-woman show. A long ago summer spent in Algeria and travelling through the Sahara influenced me a great deal—the passionate Mediterranean colours, the incredible blues of the skies, and the profound space and unending horizons of the seductive and treacherous desert still have a hold on me. I recognize the importance of the continual practice of drawing, in and for itself, as well as the source of invention and ideas. My inspiration is nature, but not in direct copy, rather in a personal response.

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1125 Pat Burns Ave., Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X2

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