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Sound Performer is Latest Kasahara artist-in-residence

sound artist Andrea Wong. A woman of asian descent leans over a music mixer. wearing a black shirt and red sleeves. The room is colorful with purple hues from a visual projection onto the wall behind her.

Sound Performer is Latest Kasahara artist-in-residence

Sound Performer is Latest Kasahara artist-in-residence

Sound Performer is Latest Kasahara artist-in-residence

Sound Performer is Latest Kasahara artist-in-residence

Please welcome our new Artist in Residence, Andrea Wong

Hi there! My name is Andrea Wong and I am the current Kasahara Gabriola Trust Artist-in-Residence with the Gabriola Arts Council. I am a sound artist and musician previously based in Vancouver, although most recently moved to Calgary last year. Last spring, I had my first short visit to Gabriola performing on the Chinese guzheng with musicians Meredith Bates on violin and Parmela Attariwala on viola. Our time was much too short and I knew I had to come back for longer! I feel extremely blessed to be able to spend this time with you all, not just amidst the beautiful landscape, but with the most friendly faces and vibrant artistic communities I’ve only yet had a snippet of time to experience.

I’ll be here for the next two months researching and developing a new project of mine looking at spatialized interactive audio. I’m hoping to dive into some softwares in hopes to create a headphone soundwalk experience that is locationally-triggered by spots across Gabriola island. It would be accessed publicly and for free through a mobile app called Echoes. Currently I’m thinking I’ll walk around with a field recorder, play with some rocks and listen to the rustling leaves, waves, and birds. What are your favourite spots to visit? I hope I can find them.

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April 24th update from Andrea

Lately I have been taking some walks,

And meeting community folks with whom I talk

About the otters, seals, sea lions, birds

And over conversations, time, and space I learn

What luck I’ve had to be embraced

By such a lovely peaceful place

Whose people love to play, to sing, to dance,

Bake bread, choose clams, grow gardens of plants.

The mornings I watch the tides: its persona

Seems to connect with the peeling madrone.

And weaving between them I get to explore,

Mindful of how I would give you a tour

Of sounds that I hear as an outsider in

Maybe guzheng, guitar, piano or violin

Would add a new layer to these petroglyphs,

As newcomers and locals look over these cliffs

‘Cause lately I’ve been on a number of walks,

Near Descanso Bay and Community Cox.

I breathe in this air on your shores sun-kissed

How grateful I am to be your resident artist.

~ Andrea Wong

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