Stephen Cole

Relationships and connections are a constant theme in my art. I have a deep yearning to connect or communicate with the essence of who we are. For me sculpting is a journey - the recording of a story. The sculptures seem to have a life of their own and know exactly what they want to be. I just have to carve, listen to what they have to say and try not to take too much off. In return they show me what I need to see, tell me what I need to hear.

Lately I have been experimenting with and combining different mediums. You can find stone, hydrostone, concrete, wood, cold cast bronze, resin and pigment in these unique sculptures. The Connection Series is about honoring the connection between you and I and the rest of the world.

With life cast sculptures, I like to see something as beautiful as the human body morph and transition into a hand carved sculpture that tells its own original story. I’ve merged life casts and sculpture by adding to the life cast with other mediums, re-casting them together and carving the result and implemented lights in some of them.

Painting is still one my passions and I’m exploring different mediums for my 2D work. There is carved hydrostone, mixed media finishes on canvas and acrylics.

I look to art in whatever I do. Art is my teacher, healer and friend.

Stephen Cole is studio #57 on the 2019 Thanksgiving Studio Tour

Open year-round by appointment

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The Rising Stone Studio
650 Wildwood Crescent, Gabriola, British Columbia V0R 1X4

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