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Studio Tour 2019 — Artist Registration

Studio Tour 2019 — Artist Registration

Studio Tour 2019 — Artist Registration

Studio Tour 2019 — Artist Registration

The 2019 Studio Tour — the 23rd annual! — takes place on October 12-13-14.

Registration is already full.

It was a historic day at GAHC – within 5 hours, we had filled our 85 Studio spots.

We regret that we aren’t able accommodate all artists. We believe that it’s important to limit the number of artists to protect the integrity of the Tour, and to continue to create a quality brochure.

There are sometimes cancellations and changes. Click here to join the Studio Tour Waiting List.

Registered Artists:


The DEADLINE for submitting a photo that meets the criteria is February 8, 2019.

Please read the following, and EMAIL your photo to Contact Margy with questions about photos.

We require a clear and uncluttered representation of your best work on a plain background. Have a look at last year’s brochure to see which photos are most effective. 

Consider size and scale when you select the image for your listing photo. Sometimes a colourful detail or a tight crop of your work is most effective at this size (1.5 inch square).

We require a NEW image each year. We will not accept a resubmission of a photo previously used on the Studio Tour.

Photos that do not meet the following criteria will be returned for you to adjust.

·      For those familiar with pixel dimensions, a minimum 1.0 megapixel image is required (1000×1000, 800×1200, etc), but larger or just the original image file would be preferred.

·      JPEG image files in their original RGB colour space are preferred. Saved at best image quality with no extra image compression. TIFF format is also acceptable but please do not convert your image to CMYK colour for print—we will handle this in brochure production.

·      Name your image file and/or folder with your last name, first name and 2019. For example, your file name should follow this format: SmithMary2019. If you are sending a collection of images, you can just name the enclosing folder in this format and leave the images inside with their original filenames.

Tour Central

You can include a piece of your work in the exhibit at Tour Central (the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre). This is optional but highly recommended. This is one of the best ways to promote your studio to visitors to the Island on Tour weekend. GAC does not take a commission for works sold at the gallery.

The cost of Tour Central will be $20. Unlike previous years, you don’t need to pay for this now; we will be in touch later in the year.

Questions? Feedback? Contact us.


Questions? Feedback? Contact us.

Studio Tour flag painting by Elsa Bluethner

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