Tammy Hudgeon

Visual artist Tammy Hudgeon grew up under the wide and endless sky of the Canadian Prairies, a place where the open landscape became deeply rooted in her soul and is now a part of everything she does, thinks, feels, creates. Hudgeon has traveled widely and finds herself awed and inspired by the many traditional and tribal cultures she’s visited and their spirited use of colour, adornment and sacred rituals. Her connection to nature has led her to a rustic lifestyle on a small island in British Columbia where she explores and creates in a light-filled studio. Today, these elements, ingrained from childhood and collected over a lifetime, spill out of Hudgeon and into her work, proving that the spirit of an artist comes from deep inside. Many of Hudgeon’s collectors and admirers know her for her fused glass which she imbues with themes of nature, vibrant living colours, and exuberant spirit. Over the years, her scope has grown to include tiny to large-scale steel and glass sculptures, mixed media paintings, and anything else that allows her to connect to her authentic creative voice. Hudgeon openly connects with the joyful, soulful, wild spirit of life and imbues her pieces with it in hopes that those viewing it will feel the same energy of connection she experienced while creating it. A self-taught artist, Hudgeon’s artwork is shown widely, both nationally and internationally. Among her many honours and awards, Hudgeon is a two-time BC Glass Art Award winner and was recently cited for her contribution to her local arts community. She’s been published in magazines and books and interviewed about her art for T.V. and radio, including CBC’s North by Northwest Show. In addition to creating her own art, Hudgeon loves to inspire people, occasionally hosting workshops for children and youth in her studio. She’s also available for talks on her own work, focusing on the creative process. Hudgeon’s work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the world

Tammy Hudgeon is studio #53 on the 2019 Thanksgiving Studio Tour

The Wild Spirit with Tammy Hudgeon from Tammy Hudgeon on Vimeo.

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Tammy Hudgeon Studio
1790 Seymour Road, Gabriola, BC V0R 1X6
Open by appointment all year (please call first)

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