Thanks for making the Chair Affair a successful event!

Thanks to all of you wonderful arts supporters for a successful Chair Affair event!

The Chair Affair was a fabulous sold-out success last Saturday night at the Community Hall! 45 chairs were auctioned off to the tune of fabulous music and poetry, along with scrumptious chili, popcorn, drinks, a silent auction, a paparazzi photo shoot, a 50/50, and more!
We’re still tally-ing the numbers but it looks like we raised over $10,000 to be put towards WI Hall upgrades! Yay!

But none of this could have been done without all you fabulous supporters! We hope we got you all in this very sincere thanks. We could not have done it without this very supportive community.

Sponsors and Donors

ABC Liquor Store, Arbutus Building Supply, BC Forest Discovery Centre, Chemainus Theatre Company, Cherry Bomb Hair Studios, D’dance Glass, Gabriola Fitness Centre, Gulf Island Seaplanes, Harbour Dance Centre, The Haven, Island Pharmacy, Isla Bonita Aesthetics, Mad Rona’s, My Magpie Instinct, Nanaimo Clippers, Nanaimo Museum, New Society Publishers, North Road Sports, Old Crow, The Pattison Group, Poetry Gabriola Society, Raven Feeds, Robert’s Place, Salish Sea Creations, Slow Rise Bakery, Squamish Sea To Sky Gondolas, Sunset Beach B&B, Supply Line Organic Food Buyers Club, Theatre One, Tied Up And Dyed, Turtle Guesthouse, Twenty-Six And Two Hot Yoga, Very Vintage, Village Foods, Wooden Hanger, Keira Parsons of K-Shears, Lottie Anderson, Carolyn Bell, Carol Boyce, Christine Bletcher, Trudy Broadley, Roberta Bryan, Karen Cain, Gen Cooper, Paul Gellman Chalise Giosia, Tsiporah Grignon, Gary Holdgrafer, Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer, Christina Jams, Ted Johnson, Doris McLaughlin, Brandi Meyer, Paula Nelson-Maddison, Sheila Norgate, Bianca Parcher, Alice Rich, Shantikat, Graham Sheehan, Gwen Spinks, Chris Straw and Naomi Wakan.


Karen Aaker, Penelope Bahr, Christine Bletcher, Elsa Bluethner, Trudy Broadley, Fairyn Bye, Charlie Cheffins, Leigh Cornett, Liz Ciocea, Ava Crabbe, Jenn Feenan, Jane Ferland, Becky Furnell, Margy Gilmour, Gini Green, Joan Harrison, Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer, Annie Holmes, Gary Holmes, Dirk Huysman, Lee Ker, Regina Lorek, Sian Lorraine, Tawny MacLachlan Capon, Philip McAdam, Heather McLeod, Robyn McMahon, Joke Mensink, Rick Mitchell, Jeff Molloy, Kathryn Molloy, Maggie Mooney, Winter Morningstar, Ocean Mussack, Moira Nichol, Kimm Nightingale, Sheila Norgate, Lorna Potts, Janice Power, Mary Ann Richards, Andy Rollerson, Thalie Santema, Ryan Smith, Lawrence Spero, Gwen Spinks, Liz Steele, Gerry Stefanson, Alex Strachan, Chris Straw, Megan Walker, Jim Wilson-Storey, Kate Wood and Kaira Wylde.

The Photography Team

Barb Dow and Bill Pope
See here for pictures from the event

Our Wonderful MC

Darien Edgeler

The Awesome performers

Leah Hokanson, Allanah Dow, Daniel Petersen, Jeremy Loveday, Bill Richardson, Portia Boehm, Victor Anthony and Bill Richardson.

And of course, the Wonderful Chair Artists

Karen Aaker, Jill Adamson, Christine Bletcher, Elsa Bluethner and Philip McAdam, Heidi Brown, Ava Crabbe, Sue Dunn, Devon Featherstone, Jane and Roger Ferland, Lesley Harris, Antoinette Herivel, Mary Holdgrafer, Annie Holmes, Tammy Hudgeon and Ode Howard, Iain Lawrence, Nerissa Layton, Maia Levine, Sian Lorraine, Jennifer Lynch, Randi Lynch, Tina Lynch and Bianca Parcher, Liz McKnight, Tawny Maclachlan-Capon {who did two chairs}, Jean McLaren, Doris McLaughlin, Judith Madsen, Gretchen Markle (with help from Lawrence Lauzon), Joke Mensink, Kristin Miller, Jeff Molloy, Kathryn Molloy, Kimm Nightingale, Sheila Norgate, Morag Orr-Stevens, Lorna Potts, Janice Power, Gwen Spinks, Gerry Stefanson, Chris Straw, Pam Templemayer, Nina Turczyn, Lynn Van Herwaarden, Kate Wood, and The Group Of Several {consisting of Jenn Feenan, Marie Kelly, Randi Lynch, Judith Madsen, Ken Manninen, Esther Robison, and Bob Russell}.

We hope we didn’t miss anyone! Please let us know if we have!

We apologize for missing Salish Sea Creations, My Magpie Instinct, and Chris Straw’s donation in the newsletter sponsor acknowledgement, as well as Margy Gilmour’s volunteer efforts!

Thank you thank you thank you! We hope you will enjoy the WI Hall as much as we will!

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