Theatre Festival Billets

The Gabriola Theatre Festival is fast approaching and we are seeking your generous support in billeting off-Island cast and crew members. If you are able to help please get in touch. The following has been requested:

Stuart Nemtin (World in a Flapp) needs billeting for two people (himself and his wife) for the evenings of August 15 and 16. Special considerations: non smoking room and no cats.

Delinquent Theatre Company (Stationary) needs billeting for ten people for August 17 and 18. The group is happy to stay somewhere as a group, split up or camp.

Tayo Aluko (Call Mr. Robeson) needs billeting for two single men on the 15 and 16. No special requirements.

Word Solutions Theatre Collective (Syphilis: A Love Story), needs billeting for 4 people for August 16.

Pilotcopilot Theatre (The Amazing and Impermeable Cromoli Brothers) needs billeting for 4 people altogether (his wife and two daughters, ages 3 and 6) for the 16, 17 and 18. Therefore, the special circumstances are having enough room for the kids and a quiet place for them to sleep.

Thank you for your continued support of the Gabriola Theatre Festival.

Jim Wilson-Storey, Festival Coordinator

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