Thomas Lowe

Thomas Lowe is a professional astronomer, an award winning graphic designer / illustrator, gourmet cook and an accomplished harmonica player who lives on Gabriola Island in beautiful British Columbia. He has a wealth of experience in observational astronomy and has worked at some of the largest telescopes in the world. During his tenure as a support astronomer with Lick Observatory he collaborated with the University of California Berkeley Supernova Group and the Lick Sub-giant Planet Search Group. He has co-authored over fifteen research articles in refereed scientific journals. Through his early experience with computer graphics and scientific visualization he developed a keen interest in fractal geometry whose cornerstone, the Mandelbrot Set, shows up in various guises in many of his works. Primarily a surrealist, much of his work is a tribute to one of his favorite artists, Salvador Dali.

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Thomas Bernard Lowe, Das Löwenwerk

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