Tomorrow’s Dawn

Sunday, August 17 | 3:30 pm 

Lively, sparkling, sensitive and delirious, this original musical focuses on central themes of love, friendship and hope. It reflects the concerns of today’s young people while exploring inter-generational relationships in all their complexities. This is a funny, poignant but resolutely optimistic portrayal of future hopes and dreams. La Petite Famille (Paris, France) Written by Jeff Gallon and Fred Larrieu Rated: G, good for the whole family | Length: 80 minutes

“The superb performance is endearing, expressive, and the young performers dance stylishly, sing beautifully, act with a depth of understanding and passion you would expect of more experienced performers.” —Buxton Fringe Theatre Reviews

“It’s a lovely, fun and uplifting musical with some very enthusiastic and talented singers…If you’d like a fun little heartwarming musical, I would suggest you…go to see Tomorrow’s Dawn.” —The Galwegian New Yorker

The story of La Petite Famille, a Paris-based French company, is rare and beautiful. It began in middle school seven years ago with a group of young theatre enthusiasts. It’s continued with the same group of people who, despite their young ages (16 to 25), have had the opportunity to perform numerous times, in France and  abroad (including ten different countries) and in two languages (French and English). From diverse cultural backgrounds, La Petite Famille are always delighted to share their plays, as well as their story and their iden- tity, with new audiences and other artists. Theirs is an artistic human adventure. |

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