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Most professional actors usually only have one show available for touring. As far as we know no other actor has created nine shows available with three more in preparation.  This perhaps is a world record?!

Would you like Antony Holland to perform one of his plays in your community? Do you want to secure the venue and help with promotion?

This is a call out to people who might want to host a performance in your community. This could be a great fundraiser for a charity or specific cause.  All of these productions can be done with little or no technical support. Therefore they can be presented in all types of venues like schools, churches, community centers or theatres.

In many instances where the tickets are $20, tickets sold in excess of 50 will cover Antony’s fee, royalties and travel expenses. Therefore the remainder is a profit for those presenting the show or as profit towards a specific fundraising campaign, or charity.

The running time of all these shows is about 2 hours with a 10 minute intermission in between two acts. In the case of One Man in his Time as well as Antony Holland’s Shakespeare an abbreviated version lasting approximately 50 minutes is available for schools.

Nine Shows NOW available for touring:


This has been Antony Holland’s signature role for over 10 years. He received a Best Actor award for his performance in 2006. He continues to inspire audiences with over 280 performances all across Canada and even in the UK.

The two man play is based on Mitch Albom’s bestselling book of the same name. The play and the book both tell the story of Albom, a Detroit Free Press sports columnist, who reconnects with his former university professor of sociology who has a terminal disease, ALS. This story is about getting in touch with your feelings, and dealing with mortality.


This one man show draws on over seventy years of Antony’s intimacy with Shakespeare’s works. He first performed Shakespeare when he was 12 years of age. Holland has developed a way of performing Shakespeare’s language and rhythm that numerous audiences have found riveting.


Antony Holland is a veteran of the 2nd World War and he has created a theater piece from his experiences.  As one of the last surviving veterans of the desert war in Egypt, he offers up a rare piece of theater in this personal retrospective of that extraordinary time.

Antony Holland’s true story of WWII, Africa and the theater. Holland was called into His Majesty’s Armed Forces as a signalman at the onset of the Second World War. He was later transferred into British Intelligence as a counter espionage agent for MI5. After putting on a play in a local abandoned theater he continued to mount productions in his spare time throughout the course of the war. The Commander in Chief General Auchinleck ordered a tour of all the military camps throughout the Middle East. It is this time in Africa that he recalls in this unique piece of theater that people have found both moving and entertaining. Peppered through his personal stories, Holland recites poems and sings songs popular at the time of the war. Holland shares his stories in a conversational tone, a unique character materializing for each poem and song, revealing the accomplished actor that he is at 93!


Excerpts from many films Antony Holland has been in, especially ones in which he has worked with major stars, such as Gene Hackman, Brad Pitt, Katharine Hepburn, Loretta Swit, Ted Dansen, Isabella Rossellini, and Bette Davis. Also included are comedic anecdotes and stories of his adventures as an actor in films and television.


This show includes exciting stories from The Old Testament such as Samson and Delilah, David and Goliath, and Daniel in the Lion’s den. There will also feature some stories and miracles from The New Testament.  All of this will be from the King James version of the Bible, because Antony believes this is more interesting both in rhythm and content than some of the revised versions of the Bible.


This is a show about the work of the Welsh genius, Dylan Thomas. It includes some of his poems, some of his humorous short stories, and in particular features one of his most popular works ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’.

OH WE DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU (Three in cast)

Music songs, poems, and stories, both tragic and comic, connected to the first and second world wars, together with some remarkable photos.


Three short films in which Antony has starring roles. The titles will not be revealed in advance to retain the element of surprise, but be assured they are interesting and entertaining. The final one gave Antony an opportunity to use his talent for comedy.

A FEAST OF POETRY (one man show)

A great variety of verse, mainly traditional. Nothing obscure but plenty of entertaining stories.   A mixture of the sad and comic, plus a touch of naughty.

Not yet available, but in preparation:

Russian Treasures.


A Life in the Theatre


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